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Chop & Wok Is an Asian-fusion Restaurant & Takeaway Chain

Chop & Wok gives its customers a taste of authentic Asian flavours. These include, but aren’t limited to, dishes from China, Malaysia and Japan.

The brand has created a blueprint that enables prospective franchisees to mimic its successful business model. These franchise opportunities are described in detail below.

The Meaning Behind ‘Chop’ & ‘Wok’

The company’s menu is divided into two parts – ‘chop’ and ‘wok’. The ‘chop’ section contains delightful wraps and salads. While the ‘wok’ selection includes a wide variety of rice and noodle stir-fries. All these meals are made within a live food theatre – an open kitchen that allows consumers to observe the entirety of the cooking process. Customers are able to build their own dishes. They can decide everything from the type of noodle or rice all the way through to the meat used.

Chop & Wok goes to great lengths to ensure the ingredients used at its establishments are totally fresh, natural and healthy. While all of its sauces are made in-house. What’s more, each of the company’s recipes has been extensively flavour-tested to guarantee quality. This is a brand that leaves nothing to chance.

Manage Your Own Establishment

If you’re accepted as a Chop & Wok franchise partner, the company’s team will train you and then help you find a suitable area for your outlet. This will be in a territory ripe with business opportunities. Plus, they’ll organise the fit-out and assist you with the recruitment and training of your staff members.

While you’re running your franchise, you’ll be able to rely on Chop & Wok’s pre-established supply chain and benefit from the company’s marketing initiatives. Once your venture has become profitable, you’ll have the option of opening another restaurant in a separate location.

Remember, you won’t be on your own. You’ll have a proven plan to follow and a recognisable brand name above your door. You won’t have to worry about slowly developing a reputation for excellence because Chop & Wok has already developed this for you.

Should You Apply?

If you want to take this special retail franchise opportunity, you’ll need to show Chop & Wok that you’ve got the passion and determination required – consistently achieving excellent customer service isn’t easy. While it will be beneficial for you to have worked in the food sector before, it isn’t essential as the brand provides all new franchisees with comprehensive training.

Learn About the Investment

Chop & Wok franchise costs vary based on factors such as location, establishment size and staff and equipment requirements. The overall investment typically ranges between £130,000 and £250,000.

This total will include a £15,000 franchise fee. Making this payment will see you receive a package that encompasses full training and ongoing support.

What It Takes to Get Funding

Can’t afford to become a franchise partner? Chop & Wok is ready to help you find and secure funding by putting you in touch with reputable money lenders. Prospective franchisees can usually get between 70% and 80% of the initial investment requirements covered by a bank loan. But you’ll only get this support if you have a robust and detailed plan as well as an acceptable income level and credit score.

Within your plan, you’ll need to outline the franchise opportunity in full and describe both your operational strategy and marketing approach. Additionally, you must provide an extensive financial forecast. You may also want to mention that retail franchises like this are almost always successful.

Read Up on the Training Programme

The company will train you to prepare each of the dishes on its menu. This will enable you to monitor the performance of your staff and recognise when standards are falling short. Your training will take place within one of Chop & Wok’s active outlets and it will also cover all other aspects of your future operation from daily business processes to customer service.

During the course of your time running your retail franchise, you’ll be able to reach out to the company for business management support by phone or email. Moreover, the exposure and visibility of your establishment will be enhanced by Chop & Wok’s expert marketing.

Make Your Interest in a Chop & Wok Franchise Known

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