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Inleaf Franchise – Place & Maintain Plants in Commercial Spaces

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Inleaf Creates Interior Plant Displays

The team at Inleaf designs plant displays and then installs them within both homes and businesses. They return on a regular basis to keep them well-maintained.

This business model has led to great success, and Inleaf now wants to pass on its secrets to driven and capable entrepreneurs. This is why the company is currently offering a multitude of exciting franchise opportunities…

What Exactly Does the Company Offer?

Inleaf’s services can be split into two four main categories: living plant displays, living green walls, artificial plants and Christmas schemes.

Living plant displays are usually fitted in commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels and offices. These plants are put into high-quality containers in custom colours and come in many different varieties. They include desktop plants, hanging plant and partition-plant displays, built-in planters and so on.

Living green walls, otherwise known as vertical gardens, give commercial spaces the wow factor. These can be artificial, moss or other kinds of living plants. They require automatic irrigation systems, which Inleaf is also able to install.

Artificial plants are perfect for areas where living plants simply aren’t practical. The company has a wide array of options for clients to choose from. Meanwhile, Christmas schemes encompass not only trees but decorations, too.

Regardless of what they require, clients can request a free, no-obligation design consultation before they move forward.

A Robust Franchise Model

Invest in an Inleaf franchise and you’ll be given a large territory that will contain numerous business opportunities. The brand will give you plant-care and marketing training and also help you during your first installations. This support will prove invaluable as you get used to your new role. You’ll even get a fully-managed website, which will showcase your projects and achievements!

Worried that you won’t be able to convince customers to use your services? There’s no need. Inleaf has an established reputation which you’ll inherit as soon as you become a franchise partner. When you approach potential clients, they’ll be able to research the company and see its track record of success.

After your retail franchise launches, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the bulk buying power of the overall Inleaf network, which will reduce your expenses.

The Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee Revealed

In order to make the most of this retail franchise opportunity, you must have self-discipline and ambition. You’ll also need to be prepared for the physical demands of the job. You won’t be required to have any specific experience, although a background in design, sales or horticulture will undoubtedly be advantageous. Moreover, it will be helpful if you’re comfortable in social situations as Inleaf will need you to regularly interact with customers face-to-face.

Here’s How Much an Inleaf Franchise Costs

In total, you’ll require approximately £42,750 – you’ll need to pay £22,750 plus VAT for the franchise package and also have a further £20,000 in working capital. But you should be aware that prices can vary. You’ll also need to cover a 9% royalty fee and a 1% advertising levy.

What do you get in return? Training, uniforms and tool-kits, in addition to a licence to use Inleaf’s branding and that’s not all.

After two years, you should be generating annual revenue in excess of £116,448.


If you need funding, don’t hesitate! Go to the franchise department of your local bank and present your business plan. Retail franchises like this are often successful. The money lenders you speak to will have all the encouragement they need to help you.

Training & Support

After your initial training period has concluded, Inleaf will provide you with mentoring and coaching for six months. You’ll also be given access to the company’s online portal, where you’ll be able to find additional training resources.

While you’re running your retail business franchise, you’ll use Inleaf’s systems, which will enable you to quickly create quotes and proposals as well as manage the maintenance of your currently installed plant displays in addition to your invoices. On top of this, you’ll be supplied with marketing materials to show to potential clients.

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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