FAQs about franchise directories

Why should I use a franchise directory?

Franchisors who would like to promote their franchise business know that in today’s day and age, most information is available online and to meet their prospective franchisees, they need to use a franchise directory or portal to showcase their offering. As such, some of the benefits of using a franchise directory include a more diversified online presence, a stronger capacity to reach out to early-stage buyers and it’s a way to optimise your lead generation and acquisition strategy.


Are franchise portals free?

Many franchise portals on the market claim that they are free. However, in many cases, such portals or directories offer a combination of paid-for and free services. For example, it is possible to list basic information about a franchisor on the portal, while more in-depth information that can help a franchisee make their mind up about a specific franchisor can be offered on a paid-for basis.


What types of franchises are listed in a franchise directory?

Franchise directories may be specific and niche or they can be quite broad and all-inclusive. In many cases, franchise directories offer franchise listings in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to home and garden care and maintenance, sports and recreation, restaurants, cafes and fast food, recruitment, travel and more.


How can I use a franchise directory to find the right franchise for me?

If you are a prospective franchisee or an aspiring entrepreneur considering franchise opportunities, you can use a franchise directory’s filters to narrow down the scope of your search. Examples of filters that you can use include filtering your search by industry type, location, investment levels, full-time or part-time opportunities and others.


How can I use a franchise directory to list my business?

Franchisors who would like to list their franchise business on a franchise directory can get in touch with the franchise portal in question and ensure that they pay the required fee to be featured on the portal, while also ensuring that they provide all the necessary information for the franchise portal to create a franchise listing that will be showcased to the public and to prospective franchisees.


Can I trust the information provided in a franchise portal?

Franchise portals can be a highly reliable source of information for prospective franchise owners. However, they are not all created equal. A franchise portal or franchise directory such as Franchise Fame is one example of a reputable industry platform that franchisors and prospective franchisees can use for the benefit of both parties. Franchise Fame has a strong industry reputation and hundreds of legitimate franchise businesses listed on the platform, which one can limit in terms of searches to location, investment amount and industry, among other criteria.

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