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Angela’s Swim School Franchise – Introduce Children to Swimming

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About Angela’s Swim School

Angela’s Swim School conducts swimming classes for both children and adults. It doesn’t matter whether a student is a seasoned swimmer or a beginner – all are welcome.

The company’s truly rewarding franchise opportunities provide you with the chance to help customers become comfortable in the water. Are you ready to help?

Lessons for All Ages

Angela’s Swim School’s instructors improve the skills of students through an achievement-based system. For instance, children are taken through five distinct ‘Swimstyler levels’. As they level up, the kids become more confident and competent and their strength and stamina improve. By the time they reach level five, they’re able to start learning basic life-saving techniques and rookie lifeguard methods.

Adult customers are usually taught on a one-to-one basis and there are classes for all ability levels.

How Does an Angela’s Swim School Franchise Work?

It’s simple. You’ll be given a five-year renewable license to use the company’s branding and offer its services in an exclusive territory. You’ll teach children and adults to swim, promote your enterprise and identify new business opportunities as they arise. Remember, Angela’s Swim School will have your back every step of the way. You’ll be trained before your sports business franchise launches and then the company will keep in close contact with you to ensure everything progresses smoothly.

To help you complete your daily tasks in a more efficient manner, the brand will give you access to its bespoke online booking system. This software will enable you to streamline the class booking process for your customers. It will also let them find the location of your lessons easily, check their own personal progress, pay you and buy merchandise.

Keep in mind that most franchisees start their operations solo and then employ additional staff members as their operations grow.

You Must Be a Confident Swimmer

You can’t lead a sports coaching franchise like this unless you have a genuine enthusiasm for swimming and teaching. You must be disciplined, motivated, physically fit and ready to help your students achieve their individual swimming goals. Angela’s Swim School will provide you with training, but it will be up to you to give the children and adults you teach the confidence they need to reach the next level.

The Investment Explained

An Angela’s Swim School franchise costs a minimum of £22,000. However, this figure may change depending on your particular circumstances. It also doesn’t include any working capital required to cover expenses incurred during your first months in operation.

Your investment will cover your training in teaching and marketing methods. Plus, you’ll get swimming equipment, a laptop featuring invaluable software, a branded uniform, an operational manual and more.

Your earnings will be dependent on how much time you’re able to commit to your classes and the number of instructors you decide to take on.

Get a Loan From a Financial Institution

Investing in an Angela’s Swim School franchise requires capital that you may not have immediate access to. If this is the case, you can request funding from a major bank. The high success rate of sport franchises will encourage money lenders to assist you. However, they’ll only be able to do so if your income level and credit score meet their criteria. You’ll also need to present a business plan.

You’ll Be Taught Unique Teaching Methods

After you’ve become an Angela’s Swim School franchise partner, you’ll be taught how to teach your students using the brand’s refined methods. As time goes on, you’ll eventually be able to earn a full swimming instructor qualification. Concerned that you’ll be left to fend for yourself after your training is over? There’s no need. The company’s head office support team will remain contactable throughout your time as a franchisee. There will always be someone ready to help you.

It goes without saying that effectively advertising your sports franchise to potential customers in your territory will be vital. But don’t worry, Angela’s Swim School will send you pre-made marketing materials and show you how to use the company’s pre-established social media presence to get your name out there.

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