What Are Mapping Services?

In order to define franchise territories fairly and correctly, you must understand the complexities of your market. In addition, you need a detailed customer profile and knowledge of the specific areas that will give your franchisees the best chance of success. This is by no means an easy task.

However, new advances in franchise territory mapping software have now made this process far simple, and more time-efficient. Simply request our mapping services and we’ll help you define territories of an ideal size.


Why You Need Franchise Territory Mapping

Professional franchise mapping takes into account factors like population, demographics, active industries, competitor growth, local consumer behaviour and more. If you’re able to provide prospective franchisees with a full information pack that includes detailed mapping information such as this, as well as an easy to understand visual representation of their territory, there’s a higher chance that they’ll invest and come on board.

On top of this, the franchise territory mapping software will allow you to carry out in-depth market analysis and adapt to any changes that occur.

If You Require Further Assistance…

All you’ve got to do is ask! Our other franchise development services include those that focus on recruitment, software, website design and that’s not all. Moreover, if you need help promoting your operations to attract new franchisees, or helping your existing franchisees succeed in their local territories, just ask for our digital marketing services.

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The Importance of Balanced Territories

Ideally, franchise territories should be equal in size and quality. Unless, of course, you decide to offer different sized areas at different prices. But as a general rule, if two franchisees pay the same fee, they should be assigned to territories that are the same size. Unbalanced territories will lead to unwanted conflict between you and your franchisees and could reflect poorly on you as a franchisor.

Picture for a moment that you’re a franchisee struggling to make ends meet in your exclusive territory. You then discover that a number of your fellow franchisees, who invested the same amount as you, were assigned protected territories that contained more viable business opportunities. This would greatly impact your relationship with your franchisor and make you consider withdrawing from the network. What’s more, you may discourage aspiring entrepreneurs from partnering with your franchisor in the future. As a franchisor, you must prevent this scenario from ever occurring – our mapping services are the simple solution.

Choose Franchise Fame

While hiring an in-house employee to take care of your franchise mapping needs may seem cheaper and more convenient, it actually isn’t. Why? If you choose to put your faith in one member of staff, you’d have no guarantee that they’d have the skills or experience required to define territories correctly. Furthermore, it would cost you more money to keep them on permanently than it would to hire Franchise Fame. Remember, our team consists of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience - we know what we’re doing and precisely how to help you.

By deciding to work with Franchise Fame, you won’t just receive a generic service. We’ll take the time to familiarise ourselves with your unique business model and network and then develop a franchise mapping plan that takes into account your needs and financial restrictions.

Throughout your time with us, you’ll be able to rely on us for transparency and honesty - you’ll know exactly how your money is being spent.

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Gain Numerous Advantages

Keep Prospective Franchisees Updated

Franchise mapping software can be used to create an online map of available territories for potential buyers.

Improve Your Existing Network

Your current territorial boundaries can be adjusted or moved to maximise business potential.

Attract New Partners

Clear territory mapping and customer analysis will prove to prospective franchisees that they can succeed.

Guarantee Fairness

Ensure each of your franchisees has the same amount of potential customers to avoid any conflicts.

Get Your Needs Fulfilled

Our mapping services will be tailored to meet your particular requirements and budget.

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