What Is It?

Franchise software is vital for any franchisor. Why? It allows you to stay connected to all your franchisees and closely collaborate with them. Further to this, these systems enable you to maintain control over your entire network and ensure consistent quality. It seems too good to be true. But it isn’t. In fact, software for franchises has been proven to optimise inventory levels, increase sales, improve the implementation of brand-wide marketing initiatives, raise productivity and so much more.

Reach out to Franchise Fame today and we’ll help you find the right franchise software for you. We’ll accomplish this by familiarising ourselves with your business model and network so that we can determine your particular needs.


How It Will Help You and Your Partners

There are many different types of software for franchises. For instance, some systems allow for easy inventory and supply chain management. This would enable you to monitor inventory levels across your network and accurately forecast when stock replenishment would be required. On top of this, you could also use customer relationship management software, otherwise known as ‘CRM’. Through this kind of application, your franchisees would be able to set up loyalty programs, record feedback from clients and record relevant data. This would, in turn, allow them to improve the quality of their products and services, increase their sales and improve their performance. These are just two examples of the benefits of franchise software. The applications are almost endless.

With this software, franchisee performance monitoring will be simple, and most importantly, not as intrusive.

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It goes without saying that the majority of franchisees don’t appreciate regular in-person performance reviews. These meetings can make them defensive and this can lead to relationship breakdowns. Your custom-made system will greatly reduce the number of face-to-face reviews you need to carry out. How? You’ll be able to see how each franchisee is performing through your centralised platform. The data will encompass revenue, losses, expenses, profit and that’s not all. This information will also help you identify precise areas of concern, that you can raise with a given partner, and then provide constructive and informative feedback and support.

Request Additional Franchise Support

Our services aren’t limited to franchise software systems guidance. You can also ask us to help you streamline the franchise recruitment process, find suitable territory mapping software, design and build a bespoke website, handle your digital marketing and more. In short, we can offer you and your franchisees all-inclusive support in all areas relevant to your franchise.

We’ve Got Extensive Experience

Were you aware that our team has over 100 years worth of collective experience with franchises? We know all the common pitfalls and the errors that оther franchisors frequently make with regard to franchise software - but with our help, you’ll avoid making them. Not sure where to start but you know you need process automation? Losing hours per day on functional tasks to support the business operations you're running? We will discuss your needs and take a dive in the processes of your business to suggest the best automation software and/or CRM system to cut costs and save you time and money.

Get the specialist guidance you need. You may think that it would be simpler and more convenient to hire a staff member to create franchise operations software for you. But this requires expensive expertise. You’ll actually find it more affordable to work with us as we guide you to the most appropriate bespoke software. Planning and creating the project requirements, functionality, design and user experience - we have done it all before.
Benefit from clear and honest recommendations. Choose to work with Franchise Fame and you’ll get constructive advice and guidance. We have done it all before and have seen what impact software and automation can have on your business as well as what is a must-have feature and what could potentially be left for stage two of the product build. You’ll also be told exactly what you’re getting for your money - the return on your investment will be clear.
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Specialist Guidance
Consulting & Advice
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Not sure where to start? Let’s find the right way for you!

Don’t Miss Out!

Wide-ranging Options

Staff rotas. Inventory monitoring. Customer relationship management. Choose the software that meets your particular needs.

Maintain Consistent Quality

Each franchisee will have access to the same bespoke systems - they can all achieve the highest standards.

Oversee User Permissions

You’ll have complete control over what your franchisees can use the franchise operations software for.

Enjoy Convenient Access

You and your franchise partners will be able to access your system from anywhere, at any time.

Optimise Your Marketing Strategies

The data your system collates will enable you to adjust your marketing plans to improve their impact.

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