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Explorer Travel Facilitates the Creation of New Online Travel Agencies

Explorer Travel was created for a sole purpose – to provide franchise opportunities to ambitious entrepreneurs who are passionate about travel. Since 2005, the brand has helped over 300 franchisees create their own individual travel websites by delivering expert training, marketing support and more. You could be next!

The Brand Helps Its Franchisees Capitalise on Business Opportunities

This is a network of online franchises. Each franchisee has their own personal website and is able to offer their customers comprehensive services. This includes unique holiday packages made possible by Explorer Travel’s connections with 120 different airlines and almost 500 separate travel partners. ABTA and ATOL protection options are also available for each booking to ensure clients’ peace of mind.

Wondering how exactly Explorer Travel franchise partners profit from these services? For each booking made, the franchisees earn a substantial commission. The specific percentage depends on whether they’ve paid for the brand’s Travel Advisor or Travel Guru package.

Advisor or Guru – Which Do You Want to Be?

There are two different types of travel agent franchise opportunities for you to choose from.

The Travel Advisor package is ideal for those seeking a superior work-life balance. You’ll be able to operate your own website and offer sensational holidays on a part-time basis. You’ll also earn a 50% commission for each booking you make.

The Travel Guru franchise model provides even greater value. You’ll be more visible online, get further training and be able to offer additional facilities to your customers. As an added benefit, you’ll get a 75% commission on every booking.

Regardless of which option you decide upon, your travel franchise will be completely home based – you just need a computer, internet connection and phone. This will keep your monthly costs low, as you won’t have to cover the expenses associated with an office space. Further to this, you’ll be doing business under a recognisable trade name. As a result, customers will be far more willing to make a potentially expensive booking with you when they’re searching for holiday possibilities online. That will give you a significant advantage over independent start-ups.

There Are No Prerequisites

A lack of experience in the travel industry won’t prevent you from taking this exciting franchise opportunity. Once you sign your agreement, you’ll be fully trained. But don’t forget, in order to run a travel agent franchise, you’ll need to interact with customers on a daily basis. Great communication skills are a must.

Learn How the Investment Requirements Change From Package to Package

Investing in travel franchises can be extremely expensive as they usually require brick-and-mortar establishments. This isn’t the case with Explorer Travel. You can purchase the brand’s Travel Advisor package for just £5,995 plus VAT. In exchange for this and a monthly management fee of £99, you’d receive induction training, marketing assistance, a personal website and much more.

On the other hand, if you were to choose the Travel Guru package, you’d be charged £11,995. The monthly management fee would also be higher at £130. For this additional investment, you’d get everything included in the Travel Advisor franchise model. Plus, a specialist destination website, a live chat facility on your website, enhanced marketing support and that’s far from all.

Get Help Covering the Explorer Travel Franchise Costs

If you’re struggling to find the capital required to invest, don’t worry. You can get a bank loan. Write a detailed business plan and present it to your bank’s franchise department. Explorer Travel is a well-known and highly-regarded franchisor that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you. The company’s proven track record will give the investors you speak to strong encouragement.

Training & Support

To prepare you for operating your own travel agency franchise, Explorer Travel will ask you to undergo a full induction training programme. Following the launch of your business, you’ll be given expert digital marketing support, social media mentoring and so on.

You will only benefit from support such as overseas educational trips and ongoing business mentoring, if you pay for the Travel Guru package.

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