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GoCruise & Travel is a Renowned Agency

GoCruise & Travel has been helping its customers arrange the perfect cruise or land holiday for over 17 years. The company remains prominently placed in the industry and continues to offer franchise opportunities to those business people who’ve got a passion for travel.

Delivering Luxury Has Never Been More Profitable

What’s GoCruise & Travel’s secret? The team delivers services tailor-made to suit every requirement of a prospective holidaymaker. Further to this, they aren’t tied down to any particular cruise line or other holiday company. This independence gives their clientele the confidence they need to keep coming back. They know that GoCruise & Travel is genuinely trying to find the best option for them.

Start Your Own Home Based Travel Business!

With a GoCruise & Travel franchise, you won’t have to get your own office, at least initially. Your low cost operation will be mainly active online and in-person as you build a base of customers in the area you’re assigned. You’ll meet people, cultivate relationships and provide them with expert services that will end in their dream holiday.

You’ll have a significant advantage over your competitors. They won’t have access to GoCruise & Travel’s extensive list of partners who are able to facilitate entry into the most luxurious cruises and premiere destinations for the best fees possible.

What’s more, you’ll have free rein to choose which sectors you want to specialise in. For instance, you could decide to exclusively offer cruises. There are no restrictions.

Find Out if You Can Capitalise on Your Passion for Travel

Regardless of whether you’ve got previous experience in the industry, you’ll be able to join this network of travel franchises – full training will be provided. What’s really important is that you have the enthusiasm necessary to succeed. Also remember, as part of your role, you’ll need to directly speak to customers on a regular basis in order to provide the kind of personalised service they will all expect. This will require a level of comfort in social situations as well as excellent communication skills.

Understand GoCruise & Travel Franchise Costs

You’ll need to be able to cover an initial investment fee of £10,000 + VAT. However, costs can vary. You’ll find that compared to other travel franchises for sale, this is a fair price.

In exchange, you’ll be properly trained in travel business management and the brand’s bespoke systems. Additionally, you’ll be aided with marketing, administration, sales and more. It’s an all-inclusive package.

What Are Your Funding Options?

Because online franchises don’t usually require an office space, they involve reduced start-up costs. As a result of this, they are seen as low-risk endeavours by potential investors. Therefore, if you find yourself in need of a bank loan to cover your initial investment into a GoCruise & Travel franchise, you’re likely to get one. Don’t forget to mention to the bank representative that the company is a member of the British Franchise Association!

Benefit From Induction Training & Ongoing Administration Support

Partner with GoCruise & Travel and your new venture will begin with a three-week induction course. This will cover setting up your business as well as sales and marketing, eCommerce, administration procedures and more. All of these will help you take full advantage of the business opportunities found in the market.

Even after you’ve completed this programme, further training will be made available to you through weekly webinars and business development calls. Plus, you’ll be given a mentor for your first 12-months on the job – you can turn to them for advice at any time.

Wondering about the assistance you’ll receive after you’ve started running your own travel franchise? A dedicated team at GoCruise & Travel’s head office will advertise your business and even handle the majority of your administration tasks. This includes processing bookings and sending out tickets. You’ll also be given access to a website, which will enable you to manage your customer communications.

Furthermore, you’ll be the beneficiary of bespoke marketing materials during the launch of your operation. The support will be truly comprehensive!

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