Case Studies

Palvi’s amazing journey with The Travel Franchise

date icon 2 minutes to read date icon 12th December, 2022

Imagine the life you’re living. You’re feeling frazzled trying to balance family and work life. You spend hours commuting to a job that you no longer have a passion for. Now imagine this. You’re your own boss with a support structure behind you. Your earnings are going through the roof. And you’re able to manage your own time and commitments because you work from home. How is this possible? With The Travel Franchise! Wondering if it’s real? It absolutely is!

Here’s Palvi Harvery’s story.

It was in August 2015 when Palvi decided to make a change. But as we all know, franchising can seem like a big risk. And that’s how Palvi felt. But she took the leap of faith anyway and joined The Travel Franchise by becoming a travel consultant with the Not Just Travel Group.

Without any previous experience in the travel sector whatsoever (in fact, Palvi worked in marketing), she decided to pursue the opportunity and started out on a part-time basis as a way of easing into the new role without sacrificing everything in one go.

And was it worth it? Palvi guarantees that it is. She recently celebrated a major milestone in her career – making £3 million in sales in just five years. The opportunity was so lucrative that she decided to leave the world of marketing behind and devote her time to her franchise business full-time. 

All this with constant guided support from the parent brand. Such support includes not only having her own website, receiving training but having access to a company mentor and hundreds of suppliers, too. As such, she was quickly able to (within days) to start booking holidays on a part-time basis. 

In fact, it was during her first three months that she made her biggest-ever booking. A holiday trip to Peru worth £46,000.00 paved the way for another large booking, after which the tour operator was so impressed that he sent her on a free trip to Machu Picchu. Despite the fact that the big bookings pay off in a big way, she thoroughly enjoys making the smaller ones, too.

So what is her secret formula? According to Palvi, it’s about getting the basics right. It all starts with truly showing a caring attitude towards one’s customers and being available when they need her. She also puts her success down to taking up all the coaching and mentoring opportunities that The Travel Franchise provides. And finally, she believes that organisation and discipline as well as building strong relationships was the cherry on top.

Since her journey – or should we call it an adventure? – with The Travel Franchise started, Palvi has had the opportunity to take free and subsidised work trips to locations including Florida, South Africa, Peru, Vietnam, Morocco, Mauritius and Dubai.

Want to follow in Palvi’s footsteps? Now you can! You can have a career that you love, put in the number of hours you can commit to and galavant across exotic destinations around the world. Because no previous experience is required and since The Travel Franchise sets you up for success from the beginning, it’s a decision you’ll never look back on.