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Certax Accounting Franchise – Provide Accounting Services in an Exclusive Territory

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Why Customers Choose Certax Accounting

Certax Accounting is able to offer specialist accounting and tax advisory services to businesses both large and small as well as individual clients. Certax’s operation is run by a network of over 100 individual franchisees, all of whom have set up profitable businesses in their own right. There are yet more franchise opportunities open; all you have to do is take one.

A Breakdown of What the Company Offers

Certax Accounting’s services can be split into three different categories: business, specialist and personal.

The brand’s business services include bookkeeping, planning, corporate finance and tax planning, in addition to mergers and acquisitions advice and more. While its specialist services encompass those designed to help retailers maximise their profits, manufacturers minimise their risk, and builders optimise their performance. Certax’s personal services, on the other hand, are exclusively for individuals who need assistance with estate planning, retirement strategies and trusts and executorships.

Every single one of these services is performed by a trained, qualified and accredited Certax accountant. These seasoned professionals provide all of their clients with one-on-one expert support and guidance whenever it’s needed.

Why a Certax Accounting Franchise?

Teaming up with a popular brand like Certax will make it far easier for you to establish yourself. You won’t have to worry about building your reputation or refining your business formula. This will all have been done for you. Your sole responsibility will be to manage your practice and deliver accounting and tax advisory services of the highest standard.

The exact support and training you’ll receive from Certax will depend on which of its accounting services franchise packages you pick. There are three options: bookkeeping, qualified accountant or full accountant.

However, no matter which you select, you’ll still be assigned a large exclusive territory that will be home to approximately 125,000 people, and 3,500 commercial entities. There won’t be a shortage of business opportunities! You can set up in an office or work from your own property. But if you choose to be home based, keep in mind that this will limit your growth and the revenue you can generate in the long run. But there’s no doubt it will keep your monthly costs low.

Find Out if You’re a Good Fit

It goes without saying that accountancy and financial services franchises like this require at least some understanding of accounting. But you don’t need to be an expert. Rest assured that Certax Accounting has options suitable for a range of experience levels. This being said, you’ll need to talk to customers on a regular basis, so no matter what your background is, you must be an able communicator.

Choose a Package That Suits Your Experience & Finances

The Bookkeeping package costs £9,995 plus VAT the qualified accountants package £11,750 plus VAT, and the full accountants package £21,750 plus VAT.

These prices don’t include the working capital you’ll require or the price of renting an office. The brand will give you an indication of the size of these additional expenses after you’ve applied to start a financial services franchise.

Regardless of which you decide upon, you’ll get a licence to use Certax Accounting’s branding, 15 local business leads, a set of stationery, training, marketing materials and more. Of course, if you want to receive the best support possible, you must choose the full accountants option – this also includes high-quality IT equipment and accommodation.

Don’t Let This Franchise Opportunity Slip Away – Get Financing

Concerned by how much a Certax Accounting franchise costs? You won’t have to provide all of the capital upfront. The company will be able to put you in touch with reputable money lenders who will be able to offer you very competitive rates. These investors normally lend Certax franchisees up to 70% of the required initial investment.

Training & Support

The training and assistance you receive will depend on the exact accounting franchise package you choose. But you’re guaranteed to get detailed training manuals and workbooks as well as expert IT support. Plus, you’ll be able to attend bi-annual technical seminars and take practice update courses that will keep you up to date with the latest legislation and regulations.

Let Certax Know You’re Interested

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