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Money Advice & Planning Ltd, otherwise known as ‘MAP’, is a leading company in the independent financial advice, or ‘IFA’, sector.

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Learn About Money Advice & Planning Ltd

Money Advice & Planning Ltd, otherwise known as ‘MAP’, is a leading company in the independent financial advice or ‘IFA’, sector.

MAP is now offering franchise opportunities to business people who want to set up their own IFA enterprises. Keep reading to find out more.

Trustworthy Financial Advice

Money Advice & Planning Ltd is able to provide a wide range of expert services. For instance, customers can come to the company when they need to arrange insurance, plan for retirement, save or invest, minimise tax bills, fund ongoing care for a loved one and so on.

The brand stands out from the crowd by offering non-restricted advice, face-to-face appointments whenever its clients desire them as well as individually tailored service packages and fee structures.

As far as MAP is concerned, total transparency is the key to sustained success in this highly competitive market. It’s for this reason that the brand allows its clientele to have round-the-clock access to any investments they make through its bespoke online portal.

Why Should You Consider Partnering With MAP?

Many independent start-ups fail, particularly in the financial advice industry. This is because it’s incredibly difficult to convince potential customers to pay an unknown business to give them vital advice that will affect both their livelihood and future. But there’s now an easy way for aspiring entrepreneurs to remove this obstacle from their path – investing in accountancy and financial services franchises.

As a Money Advice & Planning Ltd franchise partner, you’ll have the benefit of an established trade name and reputation. These will prove to be absolutely invaluable as you follow up on leads, approach new customers and offer independent financial advice. Remember, you’ll be home-based and as a result, will have low overheads.

MAP will give you everything you require to hit the ground running. This will include, but won’t be limited to, training, systems, marketing support and lead generation tools. These will all ensure that you can capitalise on the business opportunities in your area from the get go.

Franchisee Requirements

This franchise opportunity is designed not only for seasoned financial advisers but inexperienced entrepreneurs, too. Regardless of which of these you are, Money Advice & Planning Ltd will provide you with the training you need to succeed. But bear in mind, if you’ve never worked in the industry before you’ll have to progress to achieve Competent Adviser Status – the brand will help you accomplish this.

A Money Advice & Planning Ltd Franchise Costs…

£25,000. Although prices can vary. On top of this, you’ll need to put between 25% and 40% of your monthly sales revenue towards administration fees in addition to professional indemnity insurance and other expenses. Despite this, you’ll still find that this particular franchise opportunity is relatively low cost when compared to others in this market.

In return, MAP will help you set up your business, provide you with training, give you equipment, supply you with stationery and offer you marketing support.

Request the Financial Support You Need to Invest

Money lenders know that financial services franchise opportunities like this one often lead to success and profitability. So, if you need help raising the capital to start your own Money Advice & Planning Ltd franchise, don’t hesitate. Go to the franchise department of any bank and present your business plan. Don’t forget that the investor you speak to will also take into account your current income and credit score.

You’ll Get Expert Marketing Assistance

Running your own financial services franchise can be a daunting prospect. But Money Advice & Planning Ltd will do everything it can to make you feel comfortable. The brand’s franchise team will help you build your customer base by offering extensive marketing support. This can include advertisements in local newspapers, social media promotions and that’s not all. The campaign for your specific business will be adjusted to suit your individual needs.

Of course, you’ll also be able to rely on the team at MAP’s head office for ongoing support by phone and email.

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