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ARTventurers Franchise – Teach Kids the Importance of Art

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ARTventurers Develops Children’s Creativity

A Gold Accredited Member of the Children’s Activities Association, ARTventurers runs acclaimed and award-winning art classes suitable for babies, toddlers and young children. These sessions allow kids to tap into their creative sides and develop key skills.

The ARTventurers enterprise is now expanding at a rapid rate and the company is offering franchise opportunities perfect for creative and ambitious entrepreneurs. Would you consider using the brand’s proven business model?

Art Classes With a Difference

The company’s classes are split into two major categories – Baby ARTventurers and Little ARTventurers. The Baby sessions are created for children aged between 6 and 18 months. In order to take part fully, they must be able to sit unaided. On the other hand, the Little classes are designed for preschool age kids aged 18 months and over.

It’s not all about fun! These classes help children develop their fine motor skills, improve their communication abilities, build their self-confidence and improve their concentration. Parents won’t have to provide any of the required equipment and will only have to pay a single fee.

In addition to these sessions, ARTventurers also has a range of private party packages that customers can choose from. These include baby art, bear building, glitter and sparkle, pottery painting, fabric painting and that’s not all.

Become a Franchise Partner & Achieve the Ideal Work-life Balance

The ARTventurers franchise model has been created to enable you to grow an enterprise while working the hours you choose. If you’re accepted into the network, you’ll be your own boss and have complete control over how many classes you offer. ARTventurers will not interfere. In fact, the brand will do everything in its power to make sure your venture is a success. You’ll be trained to identify and then capitalise on all the business opportunities within your particular area.

What will your normal working days be like? You’ll market your services, lead classes and make a real difference in the lives of many young children. You’ll have the option to expand at the rate you choose and will be free to employ additional class leaders as necessary. Throughout your journey, ARTventurers will always be there for support.

Are You a Suitable Applicant?

In order to pursue many other similar arts and crafts franchise opportunities, you’ll need previous experience in the industry. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with ARTventurers! Nonetheless, it will still be highly beneficial if you’ve got a background in teaching or childcare. Plus, strong communication and organisational skills are a must.

There Are No Hidden Charges

An ARTventurers franchise costs £5,000. Then, once you’ve made this initial investment, you will be charged a set monthly fee of £100. You won’t have to start paying this fee until your fourth month in operation. This fee will increase to £125 per month, from your third year onwards. But you won’t have to contribute any of your annual turnover whatsoever – it will be all yours. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other arts and crafts franchises that are as low cost as this!

In exchange for this capital, you will be given a packed franchise package that will encompass equipment, resources, marketing materials and so on.

Funding Possibilities

If you can’t afford to take this franchise opportunity, ARTventurers will put you in touch with a reputable money lender, although you’ll need to create and present a business plan. This documentation should include a financial forecast and a breakdown of your operational strategy. Moreover, you must make sure that your current credit score and income level make you eligible for financial aid.

How ARTventurers Will Get You Ready

ARTventurers will provide you with mentoring every step of the way to ensure you’ve got the confidence to oversee your arts and crafts franchise. You’ll be taught how to market your enterprise and complete the day-to-day business processes. What’s more, you’ll be able to reach out to your fellow franchisees at any time to ask for their counsel. You won’t be on your own!

Your Next Move

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