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Stagecoach Performing Arts Franchise – Teach Singing, Dancing, & Acting

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Stagecoach Performing Arts Inspires Youth

Stagecoach Performing Arts offers singing, dancing and acting classes to children and teenagers between the ages of four and 18. The company has been active for over 30 years and has helped countless individuals gain confidence and learn new skills.

Did you know that you could become a Stagecoach franchisee and manage a team of tutors in a protected territory? Get more details regarding the brand’s franchise opportunities below.

Classes That Build Confidence

Stagecoach Performing Arts’ tutors teach students about the rhythm and timing of musical performance, introduce them to modern dance techniques and encourage them to role play in dramatic acting scenarios. The classes are held year-round and customers have the option of a two-week trial period.

What’s Expected of a Franchisee?

If you decided to team up with the brand and become a Stagecoach Performing Arts franchise partner, you’d be tasked with managing and marketing your enterprise. This would require you to build a team of appropriately skilled and DBS-checked staff. These professionals would be responsible for taking classes in a venue that you purchase or rent. Every week, there would be new classes for your students to enjoy.

The Stagecoach Performing Arts team would provide you with an educational framework containing instructions for both you and your teachers during each stage. But this doesn’t mean you’d be restricted – you’d have the option to adjust the content as necessary to suit your particular students.

Your franchise would be based in a large, exclusive territory that’s full of business opportunities.

You Won’t Need Any Performance Art Experience

In contrast to other similar arts and crafts franchises, you won’t be required to take part in the services you offer – although you’ll have the option to do so. As a result, you don’t need any prior experience in the industry whatsoever. Further to this, it’s not necessary for you to have managed a business before. You’ll receive thorough training from Stagecoach Performing Arts and be supported every step of the way.

Learn How Much a Stagecoach Performing Arts Franchise Costs

You have three options – part-time, FAST startup or Business resale…

The part-time option is low cost and would involve you paying a total of just £28,000, working two days a week and teaching roughly 132 students. You could earn up to £45,000 a year and would be based in a new territory.

The FAST startup model would require you to make an overall investment of £45,000. You would also work four days a week and teach more than 200 students. Your potential earnings would increase to £70,000 a year and you’d again be located within a previously unoccupied protected area.

If you chose to go down the business resale route, you’d purchase an established infrastructure from an existing franchisee. This would require you to operate four days out of every week. The price would be between £40,000 and £500,000 – the value of specific territories can vary.

Don’t forget, regardless of which option you decide on, you’ll still get training and ongoing support from the Stagecoach Performing Arts team.

Get a Loan That Covers Up to 70% of the Investment

Stagecoach Performing Arts will review and approve your business plan and then help you secure funding. You should expect to have to make a minimum cash investment of between £9,000 and £13,500. The exact amount will depend on whether you choose the part-time or FAST startup model.

Arts and crafts franchise opportunities such as this often lead to success and are seen as good investments. But you’ll still need to show a money lender a detailed strategy in order to get the financing you desire. Plus, your income level and credit score must meet the requirements of the investor you speak to.

Training & Support

Before you take over your arts and crafts franchise, you’ll take a five-day induction course. You’ll learn how to market your operation, recruit and retain staff and so on. Moreover, the Stagecoach Performing Arts franchise team will assign you a dedicated regional manager who will provide you with advice whenever you require it.

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