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The Creation Station Franchise – Give Children an Unforgettable Art Experience

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£15,000.00- £70,000.00, depending on time and effort applied

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The Creation Station Nurtures Creativity

The Creation Station provides arts and crafts classes, parties, events and products. These are designed for preschool-aged kids, school-aged children and adults.

As of today, you can become a franchisee and run your own business with The Creation Station’s support. Find out more about these franchise opportunities on this page.

Activities Designed to Unlock Artistic Potential

The Creation Station’s mission is to inspire children and families through special activities. Each session is designed to be fun and instructional. Those who attend are able to utilise a number of different tools and materials while they make art!

A Bespoke Franchise Model

Were you to become part of The Creation Station franchise network, you’d be able to decide on exactly what you offer your customers. The company will allow you to choose between three licences, these being for family activities school activities, and adult activities. You can pick one, two or all three. It will be entirely up to you! This level of personalisation makes The Creation Station stand out from other arts and crafts franchises.

You’ll operate within an exclusive territory and be tasked with finding new business opportunities and capitalising upon them. You’ll have the option of being home based and holding your classes within community venues. But you’ll also be able to purchase or rent a permanent property.

While you’re managing your franchise, The Creation Station will ask you to get your materials and tools exclusively from the company’s online store. This will ensure that there’s a consistent level of quality brand-wide. You’ll be given your own login details and be able to purchase supplies at discounted rates.

What Experience Do You Need?

This franchise opportunity is suitable for entrepreneurs with wide-ranging backgrounds. The Creation Station’s current franchisees include former bankers, teachers and marketing experts the majority of whom had never run their own business before they applied. You won’t need any specific experience, but you must be someone who’s hard-working and confident in social situations.

The Creation Station Franchise Costs Explored

The size of the initial investment will depend on how many licences you request.

To get a single licence, you’ll be required to provide £5,000 plus VAT. You’ll also need to pay an ongoing monthly management fee of £100 and contribute £50 per month towards crafts supplies. This is the low cost option.

To secure two licences you’ll need to pay £8,000 plus VAT. Additionally, the management fee will increase to £150 and you’ll require more crafts supplies which will cost £67 per month.

If you want all three licences, you must put forward a minimum of £11,000. The management fee will go up to £200, and you must pay circa £84 per month for crafts supplies.

Bear in mind that no matter how many licences you pay for, you’ll still be given £1,667 worth of start-up materials. Moreover, you’ll require at least £1,000 in working capital to cover expenses while you set-up your operation. The amount you earn will depend on licences and the number of hours you put in. This being said, you can expect to generate between £15,000 and £70,000 in revenue per annum, from your third year onwards.

You Can Apply for a Start-up Loan

The Creation Station will help you secure a business loan. The brand has established relationships with banks during its years in the industry, and you’ll be able to get favourable terms. Of course, there are no guarantees and your request will only be approved subject to status. Furthermore, you may be asked to provide a 30% deposit. But some money lenders won’t require this because they know that arts and crafts franchise opportunities often lead to success.

You’ll Be Supported at All Times

The Creation Station will ask you to undergo a five-day-long training programme that will go over subjects such as operational processes and marketing. Once this has concluded, a support manager will keep in touch with you on a weekly basis for the first three months after your arts and crafts franchise launches. You’ll also benefit from ongoing marketing assistance.

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