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Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise – Convert Your Establishment Into a German Bar

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The Bavarian Beerhouse Brand Was Inspired by Oktoberfest

Bavarian Beerhouse offers all-inclusive franchise opportunities to owners of bars and restaurants. With the brand’s help, these business people are able to incorporate German culture into their establishments, attract more customers and achieve profitability.

Big Beers & Sizzling Sausages

The Bavarian Beerhouse model is based on imported traditional German beer and food. All alcohol within the establishments are served in large stein glasses and waiting staff are dressed in authentic Oktoberfest-style outfits.

Customers can choose from drink options that include, but aren’t limited to, Krombacher Pils Beer and Erdinger Wheat Beer. While the food menu encompasses sausages, pork shanks, pork escalopes, Sauerkraut and that’s far from all.

All of this combines to make for a truly authentic Oktoberfest experience.

Bring German Culture Into Your Bar or Restaurant

This bar franchise business opportunity has been designed specifically for those who already own a bar or restaurant establishment. Particularly those who are struggling to build a customer base and aren’t achieving their sales, revenue or profit targets. Does this sound like you? Then you should invest in a Bavarian Beerhouse franchise – you’ll turn your business around!

Don’t forget, this is a company that’s been there and done it over the course of multiple decades. The brand’s franchise team will be able to effectively analyse your existing situation, formulate a tailor-made proposal and then help you implement it. You’ll be properly trained and given all the ongoing support you need to succeed to run your new German-style restaurant and bar.

Once the transition has been completed, you’ll be able to follow a proven business model and use Bavarian Beerhouse’s recognisable trade name to attract more customers.

Could You Be a Franchisee?

In order to qualify for these bar restaurant franchise opportunities, you’ll need to have an establishment with certain features. This includes an internal area for guests that is at least 200 square-metres in size. In addition to a suitable kitchen, a bar and a beer cellar. On top of this, you’ll need to prove to Bavarian Beerhouse that you have complete ownership of the location.

What Are the Bavarian Beerhouse Franchise Costs?

There are two packages for you to decide between – Gold or Silver.

The Silver package requires an initial payment of £35,000. It will also incur an 8% royalty fee to be taken out of your net revenue.

On the other hand, you can purchase the brand’s Gold package for £50,000. Choose this option and the ongoing royalty fee you’re expected to pay will be reduced to just 5%.

Regardless of which you choose, your franchise agreement will last for a full seven years. You’ll also receive expert training and guidance as well as continuous support.

Get Help Fulfilling the Investment Requirements

Money lenders know that bar franchises are truly viable business opportunities for entrepreneurs. This will make it easier for you to secure the funding you require. A key part of the process involves the presentation of a business plan. This typically needs to include a full breakdown of how you intend to spend the money you’re given. Plus, you must provide detailed financial analyses and show how you intend to take full advantage of the franchise opportunity. The fact that Bavarian Beerhouse is a well-known brand will also give encouragement to the investors you speak to as they only want to back ventures that are likely to succeed.

Training & Support

As the Bavarian Beerhouse Group has been active for so many years, they know exactly how to help restaurant and bar owners turn their businesses around. The support the brand’s franchise team will provide you with will include full training. You’ll be taught exactly how to run your establishment like a true German restaurant and bar.

Once your bar franchise is operational, you’ll be able to contact the Bavarian Beerhouse for advice and guidance whenever you feel it’s necessary.

Taking This Franchise Opportunity – the Next Step

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