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Veeno Provides an Authentic Italian Experience

Founded in 2013, Italian wine bar company Veeno is known for its elegant establishments in which both genuine Italian wine and food are served. The brand is looking to expand quickly by offering franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about wine.

A Memorable Menu

Each Veeno wine bar has been designed for comfort and relaxation. Customers are encouraged to socialise while they enjoy a true taste of Italian culture.

The choices include but aren’t limited to, red, white, sparkling and fortified wines as well as cocktails, beers and ciders. These wines all come from Italy, mainly from the brand’s founder’s family vineyard in Sicily – Caruso & Minini. On top of these fine drinks, Veeno also allows its clientele to sample delicious cured meats and cheeses in addition to other traditional Italian offerings such as pizza and pasta.

What’s the Benefit of Investing in Bar Franchises Like This?

As a Veeno franchise partner, you’ll have the support and resources required to capitalise on the many business opportunities in this sector.

You’ll get your own territory, it will be completely exclusive to you – no other franchisees will be present. You’ll manage every aspect of your own wine bar enterprise. This means ordering stock, facilitating an excellent experience for your customers as well as recruiting, training and motivating your staff. Plus, you’ll need to ensure that your bar is being effectively marketed to the local community. But don’t worry, you’ll have help every step of the way.

You won’t be restricted to a single-site forever. If your business grows steadily, you’ll have the chance to expand your operation and become a multi-site franchisee.

Who Veeno Is Looking for

Unsure if you’re qualified to take this bar franchise business opportunity? Previous experience in this specific industry won’t be required. However, familiarity with management is a must. This is because you’ll need to ensure that your staff are reaching the highest possible standards on a regular basis – it’s the only way to keep your customers coming back. Of course, it also goes without saying that to invest in a Veeno franchise, you’ll need to be passionate about not only wine but Italian culture in general, too.

The Investment

Typical Veeno franchise costs range from £80,000 to £150,000. This includes a franchise fee of £17,500 plus VAT. Keep in mind that you’ll need to make a minimum personal payment of at least £50,000 in unencumbered funds. But this could be higher depending on the total cost of your start-up – Veeno expects franchisees to cover 30%.

Make this investment and you’ll be the beneficiary of a broad training programme as well as ongoing support with recruitment, marketing and much more.

Your ongoing expenses will include a 2% advertising fee and a 6% royalty fee.


Bar restaurant franchise opportunities like this don’t come around often. So, if you don’t have the required capital, you should seriously consider requesting a loan. Don’t forget, Veeno is a respected BFA accredited brand, and the team is ready to help you with this funding application. With them in your corner, it’s highly likely you’ll succeed.

Don’t know how it works? You’ll need to present a business plan. Within this document, you must describe the franchise opportunity in full and outline how you’ll make the most of it. The money lender you speak to will also take into account your current credit score and income.

A Training Programme Designed to Properly Prepare You

To make you ready for running your own bar franchise, you’ll be trained both out and in-store. You’ll be taught all you need to know about Veeno’s business processes and what’s expected of you with regards to customer service. As part of this process, you’ll have the chance to visit the Vineyard in Sicily where Veeno’s wine comes from. This will give you a real appreciation of what’s involved in its production.

Moving forward, you’ll get help recruiting your staff, setting up your bar, marketing your enterprise and ensuring that you have a suitable social media presence.

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