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BizSmart franchisees help SME owner-managers overcome some of the main challenges they face when it comes to scaling their business by offering business coaching expertise.

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About BizSmart

Set up over 10 years ago, BizSmart has a mission to help small business owners and owner managers by offering sound advice and support while enabling them to scale and transform their performance. All this is done through BizSmart franchisees, who offer the perfect platform as business mentors.

What They Offer

BizSmart franchisees help SME owner-managers overcome some of the main challenges they face when it comes to scaling their business by offering business coaching expertise. All this while helping franchisees build a profitable and sustainable business that is based on recurring income. How does this work in practice? Franchisees offer collaborative forums, workshops and 1:1 tutorials with the main purpose of motivating, inspiring and delivering excellent results whilst meeting the stringent endorsement standards of the ScaleUp Institute review panels. In fact, BizSmart is the only franchise organisation to have a ScaleUp Institute endorsement.

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The Franchise Offering

The BizSmart franchise offering comprises combining the skills of franchisees together with the BizSmart systems in order to help business owners scale up. The approach to this goal is done through a series of “stepping stones” to help franchisees make the most of this opportunity. Franchisees can benefit from a range of resources that include software, video and printed tutorials, annual reports on the challenges of scaling up and a supporting book. In addition, there is the peer-to-peer network that ensures that franchisees receive all the support they need, while the third part of the ecosystem gives franchisees the opportunity to build a six-figure income with an average client retention rate of over four years. In addition to this, you can be entirely home-based and you’ll work within an exclusive, geographically defined area. The franchise agreement period is for five years with the option to automatically renew for a further five years.

As a franchisee, you will have access to a comprehensive package that includes the use of the BizSmart scale-up programmes (Flight Academy, Smart90, SmartBoost and ScaleUp Club), full training, “Rocket” launch marketing programme, a suite of software programmes, digital marketing programmes, ongoing mentoring support from the founder and the team, business stationery, sales literature, social media support assistance with Local Government tendering, a comprehensive Operations Manual as well as approved suppliers offering concessionary terms.

As a result of all this, your BizSmart franchise will be thought-leading, independent, supported, dynamic, systematised, driven, rewarding and importantly – saleable.

If you’re interested in pursuing this opportunity, you should be aware of the various stages involved in the process towards getting started. It generally involves fact finding, where you register your interest and find out more about BizSmart. The next phase involves an official enquiry where you complete the more detailed Franchise Enquiry Form and sign a non-disclosure agreement. After this, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the BizSmart management team in person and undergo an interview process. The process goes more in-depth after this where you’ll be issued your Franchise Information Memorandum, discuss your franchise territory, have a background check by contacting your references, sign the Intent to Proceed Letter, pay the franchise deposit and you’ll also have the opportunity to conduct your own due diligence. The next step is reviewing and signing the franchise agreement, followed by getting your Getting Started Guide which will help you with all aspects related to your new business.

Who Are They Looking For?

Although BizSmart doesn’t have stringent criteria for its franchisees, it does look at those with middle to senior levels of proven management experience, strong leadership skills, credibility, passion for helping others and great communication skills.


The Cost

The minimum investment to get started with a BizSmart franchise is £35,000, although adding on working capital for the first year would bring this amount to around £50,000 as the total investment amount.


If you’re unable to gain the necessary funding, you’re in luck because BizSmart offers funding support and assistance to deserving franchisees.

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Training and Support

As a BizSmart franchisee, you’ll get comprehensive and professional launch training and support to help you build a profitable business. In addition to this, there will be ongoing training and support through monthly virtual meetings as well as training and information sessions. You’ll never be left feeling alone though and you’ll also always have the support and advice from the experienced BizSmart team. Furthermore, you will be able to reach out to other franchisees in a peer-to-peer structure. Other types of support you can expect include equipment, IT systems and training, operations and processes, launch marketing, Public Relations, social media, local advertising and search engine optimisation and so much more.

Training and support

Next Steps

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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