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Business Doctors Provides Vital Support & Guidance to SMEs

Founded in 2004, Business Doctors offers comprehensive consultancy services to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company currently has over 90 franchisees and is looking for further appropriately skilled entrepreneurs to join its network. These franchise opportunities are described below.

Consultants Who Devise Clear & Realistic Strategies

Clients contact the Business Doctors team when they need assistance in achieving certain goals. To ensure they can formulate a sustainable strategy, the brand’s consultants will first listen and observe. Then, once the situation is assessed, they will work with the organisation in question to finalise and implement a plan of action.

During this process, the team will ensure that all employees have a clear idea of what’s happening so they can begin to accept any planned changes before they occur. Systems specifically designed to aid cash flow management, HR and more will also be offered.

Further to this, the company is able to connect business owners with reliable money lenders. Saving them a great deal of time and enabling them to get the funding they require to put a given strategy into motion.

What Being a Business Doctor Means

If you join the Business Doctors franchise network, you’ll act as a consultant and provide advice and support to organisations within your assigned area. How can you be sure that there will be enough business opportunities to keep you afloat? Your territory will encompass approximately 10,000 different SMEs. But it will be up to you to convert them into customers.

To ensure you’re ready for the responsibilities associated with your new role, Business Doctors will train you, mentor you and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. But the company won’t overwhelm you. You’ll be your own boss and no one will be able to tell you how many hours you must work from week to week.

Don’t forget, owners of organisations, whether they be large or small, only want advice and guidance from professionals with a proven track record. It’s for this reason that so many independent consultancy start-ups fail. It’s also why business franchises like this are becoming so popular with entrepreneurs. If you become a franchise partner, you’ll be able to enter the market with a recognisable trade name that will open many doors.

Make Sure You’re a Suitable Applicant

You don’t need to have business consultancy experience to take this franchise opportunity as you’ll be fully trained. However, your background must include a senior management role. Plus, you should bear in mind that Business Doctors will expect you to converse with owners of organisations on a regular basis. Therefore, strong communication skills will be invaluable.

The Investment Details

A Business Doctors franchise costs £44,500 plus VAT. This fee will see you receive a package that includes, but isn’t limited to, induction training and ongoing mentoring as well as an operations manual and a marketing toolkit.

You won’t be charged a management fee for your first six months.

Talk to Finance Providers

Business Doctors can put you in contact with franchise finance institutions so you can get the funding you need. But remember, you’ll have to prove to these money lenders that out of all the current business franchises for sale, you’ve found the right one.

You Won’t Be Alone – Ongoing Training & Support Explained

Your induction course will take place at Business Doctors’ head office. You’ll be taught about the brand’s marketing methods, products, services and systems. But this won’t be the only training you receive during your time as a franchisee. Seminars as well as strategy and staff engagement days, will all be arranged on a regular basis. On top of this, you’ll be mentored by one of the company’s six regional directors.

During the first six months after your business franchise initially launches, you’ll benefit from an all-inclusive marketing support programme. This will help you run your first campaigns and enable you to become familiar with the company’s marketing tools. As part of this process, you’ll also be given access to the franchisee management portal. Your marketing toolkit will include a local website page, a branded blog, personalised collateral and more.

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