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Autosmart Brings Vehicle Cleaning Products Directly to Customers

Founded in 1979, Autosmart creates and distributes superior vehicle cleaning solutions to commercial customers.

As of today, the company has approximately 225 individual franchisees spread across the globe, all of whom have their own protected territories. New franchise opportunities open up every few years, so make sure that you don’t miss out!

Fully-stocked Mobile Showrooms

Each Autosmart franchisee operates out of a mobile showroom that contains over 300 different premium-standard vehicle cleaning products. The franchisees drive these showrooms directly to their customers. These include car cleaning businesses, vehicle rental companies, body shops, bus operators and so on.

When face-to-face with a potential client, a franchisee is able to provide expert advice and perform live product demonstrations. In the unlikely event that a franchisee is unable to offer a solution to an issue, they contact the brand’s head office team for guidance. There’s no minimum order value or delivery charges and customers aren’t put under any pressure whatsoever. It’s just total convenience!

If a client decides to purchase products from Autosmart, they can arrange for a franchisee to bring the mobile showroom back on a regular basis, to ensure they never run out.

What Being an Autosmart Franchise Partner Means

If your application is accepted, you’ll take over a territory from a current franchisee. You’ll inherit all of their customers and be entitled to take any new business opportunities you find within the area.

You’ll work out of your own Autosmart mobile showroom and sell a broad assortment of high-quality vehicle valeting products. You’ll be thoroughly trained so that you can talk to any potential customers about the benefits of buying these solutions.

Don’t forget, your agreement will be for up to five years. But if you want to sell your franchise car wash business before the deal expires, Autosmart won’t stop you from doing so. It will be completely up to you.

Who’s Best for the Role?

It would be natural to assume that in order to invest in car wash and car services franchises like this, you’d need a background in the industry. But this isn’t true. Autosmart can teach you everything you need to know. This being said, sales experience would be extremely helpful – you’re going to have to sell products to customers in-person on a daily basis. Furthermore, you’ll need to show the company that you’re determined and enthusiastic, as well as willing to work hard.

The Investment

An Autosmart franchise costs a minimum of £20,000. This includes the £15,000 franchise fee but excludes the price of the mobile showroom, as well as any working capital you’ll require. The overall investment could be close to £100,000. Keep in mind that you’ll be purchasing your territory from a current franchisee and the exact price will be dependent on factors such as its size.

After you’ve paid, you’ll benefit from an exhaustive induction training programme, specialist market guidance, on-going support and much more.


There’s no getting around the fact that buying a car wash franchise requires a significant amount of capital. If you’re struggling to raise the required funds, you can ask for a loan. What does this involve? You’ll need to write a business plan and take it to a major bank. Once you’ve outlined the franchise opportunity and described your strategy, your request will be reviewed. You must remember it will only be approved subject to status.

Introducing the Autosmart Franchisee Training & Support System

As an Autosmart franchisee, you’ll be entitled to up to five days worth of induction training at the brand’s head office. You’ll be given an in-depth overview of all the car cleaning products that you’ll be selling, in addition to insights into your local market. The company’s support team will also take the time to teach you some effective sales and customer service techniques, that will make it easier for you to get orders.

When your training is over and you’ve taken the reins of your car wash franchise, you’ll be assigned a regional business manager who’ll act as your adviser. This seasoned professional will also provide you with field support whenever it’s necessary.

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