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Autovaletdirect Delivers Valeting Services of the Highest Standard

Autovaletdirect has been providing exceptional valeting services to private and commercial customers for decades.

The company continues to offer franchise opportunities to enthusiastic entrepreneurs. You could partner with the brand and start your own van-based mobile valeting business.

Professional Car Cleaning Solutions

The team at Autovaletdirect specialises in keeping new cars in showroom-condition and getting used cars back to their best from. These experts clean, polish, and wax and then utilise paintwork protection products on request.

In addition to traditional car valeting, Autovaletdirect can also offer specialist graphics and sign removals. These are suitable for any type of vehicle and involve the use of premium-quality heat and steam equipment. The team has perfected its methodology and can efficiently complete these types of services.

On top of this, since 2008, the brand has been offering automotive event valeting. When a company wants to display a number of vehicles, they can ask Autovaletdirect to professionally clean each and every one.

A Tried & Tested Business Model

Wondering how becoming an Autovaletdirect franchise partner would benefit you? You’d be given a protected territory containing thousands of potential business opportunities as well as a vehicle specially designed for car valeting. Your van, which you’ll be able to lease or purchase, will be fitted with hot-water and steam-systems created by the brand’s seasoned fabricators for the express purpose of cleaning vehicles. It will also feature a self-sufficient RCD protected electrical generator as well as chemicals, sundries and other valeting equipment.

Your role will be to provide car cleaning services in your area. You’ll assist both private and commercial customers, attend corporate automotive events and so on. The Autovaletdirect franchise support team will train you and then advise you as to how to quickly develop a customer base. You’ll then be your own boss, with complete control over your enterprise.

The Perfect Autovaletdirect Franchisee

To take on the responsibilities associated with a franchise car wash business, you’ll need self-discipline, determination and strong social skills. The brand’s current franchisees come from wide-ranging backgrounds and some had never run a business before. So, rest assured if your experience level is similar, you can still apply – Autovaletdirect will provide you with training to ensure you can deliver all the necessary services. Of course, it goes without saying that you must be familiar with vehicles and have a drivers licence.

What’s the Price of the Franchise Package?

An Autovaletdirect franchise costs £9,930. But you’ll also need a vehicle…

You can either lease a new van or purchase a second-hand one. A lease for a standard van would require you to pay a £1,100 deposit and then £130 on a monthly basis. Meanwhile if you wanted a hot-wash and steam generator upgraded vehicle, you’d need to provide £1,250 and then £183 per month.

Prefer to buy? You could purchase a standard van that’s approximately five years old for £5,000, while an upgraded version that’s of a similar age would be £7,000.

Even with these additional expenses, you’ll still struggle to find other car wash and car services franchises that have such a low cost entry point. Plus, regardless of what type of van you choose, you’ll still receive branded uniforms, comprehensive induction training, equipment and supplies and so much more.

Once you’re fully established, Autovaletdirect estimates that you’ll be able to make as much as £1,000 per week.


Buying a car wash franchise like this requires a certain level of capital and there’s no guarantee you’ll have it all on hand. Thankfully, Autovaletdirect has established relationships with several high-profile financial institutions that may be able to offer you funding. You’ll be able to discuss the particulars with the company once you apply. Although you must keep in mind that loan requests will only be approved subject to status.

Training & Support

Your induction training will consist of one week of on-the-job instruction with an existing franchisee, followed by three days of learning at the brand’s head office. Once you’ve launched your car wash franchise, you’ll get ongoing support. In fact, you’ll be able to call the Autovaletdirect team any time, 24/7.

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