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Mobile Car Spa Keeps on the Move

Mobile Car Spa goes to customers, not the other way around! The company’s professionals operate out of specially designed vans containing the equipment required to complete a broad range of car valeting and detailing services. They return vehicles to showroom condition.

Want to run your own mobile car valeting operation? Take a look below and find out all you need to know about the brand’s franchise opportunities.

Services Delivered Where & When Customers Choose

All of Mobile Car Spa’s technicians are independent franchisees who operate in protected territories. They can complete services anywhere within their area and will drive to a customer’s private property or their business address as requested. Each van is equipped with its own electrical and water supply as well as all the necessary equipment. This means that clients don’t need to provide a thing!

Each customer can choose from four different levels of valeting – standard, executive, showroom or premium. While standard valeting will fully refresh a vehicle, the more advanced options include extras such as interior leather cleaning, full engine bay deep cleans, degreasing and so on.

Further to this, Mobile Car Spa can also offer expert upholstery cleaning and shampooing. The brand’s technicians utilise a deep extraction method that delivers superior results. Leather seats will be cleaned using a special solution and then properly conditioned. Seat covers will even be provided so a customer can sit as normal straight away. Each and every one of Mobile Car Spa’s services have been designed for complete convenience.

What Would Be Expected of You?

It couldn’t be simpler! You’ll act as your own boss and work the hours you choose while delivering expert valet services throughout your area – a large exclusive territory in which no other Mobile Car Spa franchise partner can operate. There will be a huge number of business opportunities for you to capitalise upon and you’ll be taught how to market your operation effectively. You’ll have a full customer base before you know it!

Don’t forget, you’ll work out of your van, so you won’t need a permanent office. At least not to begin with. This means you can be home based and keep your monthly overheads as low as possible. As your enterprise grows, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit skilled staff members who will use their own car valeting vehicles.

A Passion for Car Care Is a Must

Are you a self-disciplined, hard-working entrepreneur with the drive required to achieve the highest standards of customer service time after time? Then you should contact Mobile Car Spa and apply for your own franchise car wash business. Remember, you must be prepared to accept all the responsibilities associated with business ownership – strong communication and organisational skills will be highly beneficial. It also goes without saying that you’ll need a full drivers licence.

The Initial Expenses

A Mobile Car Spa franchise costs roughly £9,900. But this number doesn’t include the price of the van or any working capital you’ll require. You’ll likely be able to lease the vehicle or purchase it outright. The brand will give you the specifics once you’ve applied. Even with this added expense, this is still one of the most low cost franchise opportunities out there. What’s more, the brand has stated that you should expect to break even within just one year after you launch.

Your Funding Options

Buying into car wash and car services franchises sometimes requires a significant amount of capital. While Mobile Car Spa is one of the least expensive options in the industry, there’s still no guarantee you’ll have the funds you need. But there’s no need to worry. You can go to any bank’s franchise department and submit a formal request for a business loan. The money lenders you speak to will take into account your strategy, financial forecast, credit score and income level before making a decision.

All-inclusive Training & Ongoing Support Will Be Provided

Mobile Car Spa will give you guidance every step of the way to ensure your car wash franchise is a success. The support team will train you, help you equip your vehicle, teach you marketing techniques and then give you continuous support.

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