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The Wheel Specialist

The Wheel Specialist provides 100% refurbishment and customisation of alloy wheels to clients, and in some cases, even to celebrities!

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About The Wheel Specialist

The story of The Wheel Specialist goes back to 1955 when it was an auto services family-run business called Lap-Tab. Since then, the brand has franchised out and over the past 60 years has been providing an outstanding service that specialises 100% in the refurbishment and customisation of alloy wheels. In 2019, the franchise network quoted over £30 million of work, which is an impressive achievement. The growing brand is constantly receiving requests for work to be done and to fill this growing demand, it is looking for new franchisee partners to help take the business to the next level. Are you the next one?

What They Offer

The Wheel Specialist provides 100% refurbishment and customisation of alloy wheels to clients, and in some cases, even to celebrities! The service is a full, professional refurbishment as opposed to the “cosmetic” service offered by mobile service providers and at a competitive cost.


The Franchise Offering

With The Wheel Specialist franchise, you get an exclusive territory from which to operate containing the right demographics. You will also get expert advice on how to choose the best premises in your territory. When you get started, and throughout the duration of your journey with The Wheel Specialist, you will be working from set premises, which means that your earning potential will not be affected by how many jobs you can reach or what the weather conditions are to prevent you from working.

In year one, you’re expected to get to know the business inside and out to maintain the franchisor’s market position and standards. From there, you can think about opening a second centre or look for other ways to realise your asset. Ultimately, your direction is yours to choose.

Who Are They Looking For?

The Wheel Specialist is ultimately looking for ambitious business builders. At the beginning of your journey with them, you will begin with a small team of technicians and from there onwards, you can focus on growth and business development.

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The Cost

The total investment for The Wheel Specialist franchise will vary depending on location. However, a general guide puts your investment in the region of approximately £160,000. Bear in mind that this initial investment will provide you with everything you need – from your launch to your continued growth. This includes working capital, location and fit-out as well as asset finance for your equipment.


It’s well known in the franchising industry that franchise businesses are much more reliable and secure investments. That’s why The Wheel Specialist has established relationships with lenders who know and understand the franchisor’s business model based on its past performance. As such, if you need liquid capital to get started, you can apply with a franchisor-approved or linked lender and get started on your journey, subject to status, of course.

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Training and Support

What makes The Wheel Specialist stand out in terms of training and support is that you get personalised and bespoke training, based entirely on your needs. The brand is highly family-oriented and this creates a distinct business culture where the support you receive is based on the franchisor’s deep interest in your success. Examples of the type of support and training you’ll get include trade sales, marketing and ongoing support for franchisees.

This ongoing support will include head office team check-ins and constant communication that ensures you are on the right path. As part of the tools and events that you can take advantage of, you can avail of the franchisor’s intranet, annual conference as well as in-person and online networking events to ensure you remain connected to the franchisee network and that your confidence is strengthened as your business continues to grow.

Training and support

Next Steps

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