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Remember, if You Buy a Home Care Franchise…

A Reputable Brand is a Powerful Tool

When it comes to a home care franchise, it’s essential that those who look into your business are content that you can help their loved ones. That’s why it’s in your best interests to invest in an established brand name – you can’t put a price on trust. Whenever potential clients see your business advertised, they’ll be able to look it up and see a proven track record of careful and loving care for the elderly.

A Business Blueprint Will Be Provided

Concerned that you wouldn’t know where to begin with non-medical home care franchise opportunities? Your franchisor will guide you every step of the way and they won’t ever stop being there for you. They’ll make sure you’re up to speed on every single aspect of quality care provision so you have the confidence to both recruit, and then manage, your team of care workers effectively and efficiently. Everything they do will be designed to guarantee that you can hit the ground running in the elderly care services sector.

A Support Network Will Be in Place

You won’t be left at sea. You’ll be joining a community of fellow franchisees who have similar backgrounds and experience. You’ll have a chance to communicate with them on a regular basis, get ideas, ask questions and more. And that’s not to mention the continued support from your franchisor. They’ll be able to assist you in setting up booking systems, websites, securing licences, and that’s far from all. They’ll also have a team of advisers set up specifically to answer any queries you may have.

Behind the Scenes of Elderly Care Franchise Opportunities

You’re not actually required to have any medical experience before buying a home care franchise. Potential franchisors are on the lookout for compassionate individuals with good social skills as well as a hardworking and ambitious nature. Naturally, it’ll be helpful for you to have a strong business background, but you won’t be expected to create your own plan. You’ll have access to a tried and tested model and a wealth of industry knowledge. Franchisors will insist you follow this to the letter to ensure you can achieve the highest possible standard of care for your customers.

If you choose to proceed with buying a franchise, you’ll be assigned an exclusive territory in which to operate. Throughout the process, you’ll be given consistent support and advice and the most up-to-date information regarding new care practices. What’s more, you won’t be overwhelmed by an incredibly complicated medical system. In fact, there will be a pre-existing, fully tested and refined administration system for you to utilise.

Finally, before you start helping the elderly, you’ll need to find the right staff. Again, your franchisor will be available to assist you during the recruitment period. You’ll be looking for carers, support workers and nurses who have the correct qualifications and experience to make a difference in the lives of those they treat and care for. These franchise opportunities aren’t just about making a profit, they’re also about helping those who need it.

Analysing the Care & Elderly Services Industry – Entrepreneurs Will Profit!

Should you embrace home care franchise opportunities? The answer is “yes”! The demand for high-quality care is increasing from year to year. What’s behind this? It’s simple – people are living longer. This is due to a number of factors including technological advancements, improved medical care techniques and greater awareness among the general public regarding the risks of certain lifestyle choices such as a consistently poor diet as well as excessive drinking or smoking. But there aren’t yet enough establishments to give a positive response to every care request. That’s where you come in…

If you see a home care franchise for sale – invest. There’s no need to rent or buy permanent premises as the services you provide will be performed at your customer’s homes. Plus, any administration tasks can be handled from the comfort of your own personal property. Don’t forget, the demand for bespoke domiciliary care is skyrocketing due to its convenience. It allows for essential assistance to both the ageing and disabled while they maintain their independence.

A care home franchise is one of several alternative business opportunities in the sector. Just like it sounds, this would involve the identification and purchase of a suitable property to be used as a base of care for the elderly. But please take note, research shows that a home care option remains the best option due not only its reduced costs and therefore enhanced profitability, but also its reach – you can help far more people.

There’s one final key reason for you to seize these franchise opportunities. The industry is essentially recession-proof. And it doesn’t matter what country you’ll be operating in. Care for the elderly will always be needed, regardless of what the current financial issues are in the area where you operate. So find the right franchise business for sale today and start earning good money while providing the best possible care to those who need it.

What Else Should You Consider?
There will Be No Need to Formulate a Marketing Plan

Unsure how you’d go about advertising your new home care franchise? Your franchisor won’t leave you floundering. You’ll actually be given fully-fledged marketing tools. This will likely not only encompass literature and merchandising materials, but also a website, PR, business stationery and more. Your job will be to ensure that yourself, as well as your team, know how to use these tools in the most effective way. You want to get your franchisor’s established brand name out into the area which you’ve been assigned as quickly as possible so you can get your business going. Your training will cover this.

Investors Want Minimal Risk

Did you know that independent start-ups are far more susceptible to collapse? This often occurs during just their first two years of operation. It’s for this reason that banks are unlikely to provide funding to them. But this won’t be the same for you. Once they’re made aware that you’re purchasing a franchise for home care assistance, they’ll be ready to provide you with the necessary funding. It’s a known fact that franchises are much more likely to get financial support from banks because they’re built on a solid foundation of success.

Training Programmes Will Give You Confidence

When it comes to elderly care franchise opportunities, you may feel you don’t have the required qualifications to make an investment. But franchisors have thought of this! The vast majority of home care franchises are able to deliver full training programmes for their franchisees. Their name will be on your door and they want to give you every chance to run an efficient business and succeed. What will this programme include? It will, for example, include what equipment to use, how to set up insurance and more.

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Care & Elderly Services

PerCurra Franchise

The PerCurra franchise brand delivers home care services to enable its clients to live life on their terms.

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Care & Elderly Services

Visiting Angels

The Visiting Angels office was founded in 1998 in Havertown, Philadelphia, USA. There are now over 600 franchisees operating in the USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the UK.

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Right at Home Franchise

Right at Home has its origins in Omaha in 2000. The brand has entered various markets including the UK, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, China, Japan, Australia and the Netherlands.

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Kare Plus Franchise

Kare Plus opened its doors in 1989 and over the last 30 years has been delivering an exceptional service for medical and non-medical care to private individuals’ homes as well as at institutions across the UK.

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Extra Help

Established in 2010, the Extra Help business became franchised in 2011 and to date has 35 franchises who run the business’ domestic help services with home-help and cleaning.

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Caremark is a franchise that offers care at home to people who need it. The business was established in 2005 and since then it has grown to 111 franchises with 12 overseas territories.

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Heritage Healthcare Franchise

Heritage Healthcare delivers a broad range of care services that enable its patients to remain comfortable while still living within their own homes.

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Bluebird Care Franchise

Bluebird Care is able to provide specialist support for the elderly, as well as individuals with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.

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Home Instead is a home care company that specialises in support services for the elderly.

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Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic was created to help those in need of high-quality foot care.

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