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Merry Maids Cleaners Is a Celebrated Domestic Cleaning Brand

The Merry Maids Cleaners enterprise is made up of a network of franchisees operating across multiple countries. In each locale, the brand provides high-quality domestic cleaning services.

The number of individual franchises is now in the hundreds and there are yet more franchise opportunities open.

All-inclusive Cleaning Services

Deep cleans. One-off cleans. Regular cleans. End-of-tenancy cleans. Spring cleans. Merry Maids Cleaners offers them all! Each domestic service is performed by fully qualified and trained technicians who will dust, vacuum and mop as well as empty bins, wipe down bathrooms and cleanse kitchens.

The company insists that each of its teams takes a methodical, hygienic approach when completing every job. To this end, the cleaners use different coloured cloths for each different area within a house to prevent cross-contamination. In addition to this, entirely new sets of cloths are used from house to house.

The Role of a Merry Maids Cleaners Franchise Partner

Want to know exactly what this cleaning franchise opportunity is? It’s simple. You’ll work within an exclusive territory managing teams of trained cleaners. It will be your responsibility to ensure your technicians are properly equipped and arrive at the right homes at the correct times. You’ll also be in charge of marketing your enterprise, seizing new business opportunities and providing customer service. But don’t worry – you’ll have the full, ongoing support of Merry Maids Cleaners at all times.

Don’t forget, you won’t need an official office space. As a result, your cleaning business franchise can be entirely home based. This will reduce your monthly costs as you won’t have to pay rent. Plus, you’ll also have a substantial advantage over independent start-ups in the cleaning industry – the Merry Maids brand name. The company’s reputation has been built up over decades and you’ll immediately inherit it. This will allow you to quickly establish a reliable revenue stream.

Who the Company Wants

It would be natural to think that in order to invest in cleaning franchises like this, you’d need previous experience in the industry. This isn’t the case. The team at Merry Maids Cleaners is ready to train you to be the best franchisee you can be. Although, it goes without saying, it would be beneficial if you had some familiarity with staff management or customer service.

Investing Explained

The Merry Maids Cleaners franchise costs come to a total of £19,995 plus VAT.

In exchange for this outlay, you’ll get a page on the brand’s main website, one years’ worth of cleaning products, a bespoke management system, a targeted marketing campaign and much more. The brand states that all new franchisees should expect to enjoy a 90% recurring income and profit margins of up to 35%.

Financing Can Get You Over the Line

Can’t afford to take this franchise opportunity? You only need to invest up to £5,999 of your personal capital. You can secure the remaining £13,996 through a bank loan. Remember, Merry Maids Cleaners is BFA registered. This means that major financial institutions are more likely to give you the funding you need. You’ll also be able to rely on the company’s support when it comes to drafting your business plan. In fact, the Merry Maids franchise team will actually present this documentation directly to their financial contacts if you need them to.

Expert Training. Bespoke Systems.

Merry Maids Cleaners has the resources to properly prepare you for being a franchisee. Over the course of three weeks, you’ll be taught all you need to know about running your own cleaning company franchise. You’ll spend two of these weeks in a classroom environment learning how to manage and market your business as well as handle your finances. Meanwhile, the final week of this extensive training programme will be on-the-job. You’ll be paired with a current franchisee who will show you the ropes. But even after this is over, you’ll still be able to continue your learning through the brand’s online portal.

On top of this training, you’ll also be given an invaluable tool: the Brand Management System. This will enable you to manage all aspects of your operation from a single computer.

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