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ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Franchise – Perform Specific Cleans for Commercial Clients

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Introducing ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services

ServiceMaster Clean is one of the most high-profile domestic and commercial cleaning service providers in the market and has been for the past several decades. They’re relied on for their punctuality, efficiency, effectiveness and discretion.

With over 40 separate establishments globally, the organisation delivers four different specialised services for its customers. These being for Contractual, Residential, Commercial and Disaster Restoration purposes.

The brand’s Contract Services arm continues to grow, and today, the team are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs to join their ranks and invest in these exciting cleaning franchises.

Learn About the Contract Services They Provide

A large number of commercially-based clients hire ServiceMaster Clean to expertly cleanse their office spaces on a usually daily basis. This includes, but isn’t limited to, thoroughly vacuuming floors, wiping down desks, emptying bins and refilling supplies in employee bathrooms in addition to periodically performing deep cleans of meeting rooms. The set of tasks carried out during each appointment is clearly defined in the contract signed with each individual customer.

Find Out if You’re Suitable

To run a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise, you’ll need to be comfortable with the level of communication that comes with a business-to-business (B2B) approach. Requirements must be elicited. Terms must be negotiated. Contracts must be set up and signed. It’s all a part of the process. Further to this, you’ll need to be able to organise a potentially large number of employees and assign them to different locations and tasks, so you can fulfil all of your contractual obligations. Do these kinds of requirements fit with your work history up to this point? If so, you should seriously consider investing in this cleaning company franchise.

Take This Unique Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

You’ll find that compared to other similar cleaning franchises, this option is relatively low cost. Plus, you won’t need to rent or purchase an office space, at least to begin with. ServiceMaster Clean will be happy for you to start entirely as a home-based operation. Also important is that the size of your business won’t be restricted – a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise is designed to be scalable. So, as you obtain and retain more clients, you’ll be able to hire more employees and get more equipment. The sky’s the limit!

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Franchise Costs Revealed

To invest in this cleaning business franchise, you’ll require a minimum of £22,000 + VAT. This covers the £16,000 licence fee and the £6,000 starter pack.

However, it’s recommended that you also move forward with £16,000 of working capital – making for a grand total of £38,000 + VAT.

What do you get in return for your investment in a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise? To begin with, you’ll get your own designated area to do business in and a detailed demographic report telling you all about your new target customer base – age, income and more. Additionally, you’ll receive marketing support, bespoke software and a full equipment and product pack as well as two weeks worth of training.

Expect Intensive Training & Support

Unsure you’re prepared to take full advantage of the franchise opportunities in front of you? Don’t be concerned! After you’ve invested in a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise, you’ll have the full support of the brand.

Before you take your franchise, you’ll be asked to attend a full two-week course at the brand’s academy in Leicester. During this period, you’ll be instructed in business management, marketing and sales as well as the use of ServiceMaster Clean’s bespoke software. Of course, you’ll also be given all the details of the specific cleaning equipment, products and processes that you’ll be expected to use during your time as a franchisee. Remember, after you’ve used your initial starter pack, you’ll be able to arrange resupplies directly from ServiceMaster Clean.

Want to know how you’ll be supported after your business launches? The organisation has a Franchise Support Centre specifically designed to help you. Made up of experts in finance, IT and digital marketing, you’ll be able to reach out to this designated support team at any time. This, together with the ongoing training you’ll receive in the form of new courses, workshops and other instructional resources will stand you in good stead as you proceed with your new venture.

Need Help Covering Your Initial Investment?

These kinds of cleaning franchise opportunities don’t come around too often. Even if you don’t have the necessary funding upfront, ServiceMaster Clean will be willing to help to make sure you can capitalise. They will help you draw up your business plan and even send it directly to their banking contacts to secure the financing you require. Don’t forget, you’ll be investing in a BFA approved franchise. Thus, you’re highly likely to get a positive response from a bank and get up to 70% financing.

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