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Learn All About Sparkle Cleaning

Since 2016, Sparkle Cleaning has delivered commercial cleaning services of the highest quality to customers in the hospitality, industrial and education sectors. Its clientele has come to rely on its efficient methods and transparent approach to pricing.

What exactly do they offer?

The organisation’s highly skilled, qualified and fully insured teams pride themselves on effectively completing jobs in restaurants, schools and other similar environments while causing a minimum of disruption. Clients are not expected to provide any of the necessary equipment and are able to set a cleaning check-list that’s tailored to their needs. In fact, Sparkle Cleaning technicians are so determined to meet the requirements of each of their customers that they’re willing to sign non-disclosure agreements to guarantee complete confidentiality.

Currently operating out of the Bristol, Bath and Weston-Super-Mare area, Sparkle Cleaning is now looking to extend its reach across the UK. What’s their plan? To welcome more franchisees into the fold. To this end, the company needs business people who are willing to take on all of the responsibilities associated with franchise opportunities and grow the brand’s reputation in other locations. Are you prepared to take this on? Then keep reading…

What They’re Looking for in Potential Franchisees

If you’re an ambitious and hardworking aspiring entrepreneur with previous experience working in the cleaning industry, investing in a Sparkle Cleaning Franchise is the right choice for you. As part of a group of like-minded franchisees, you’ll get all the support and guidance you need to be successful.

Why You Should Take This Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Joining a network of cleaning franchises will not only give you the chance to be your own boss and all the control that comes with this but complete peace of mind. You’ll be following a refined business model that’s been proven to generate revenue. What’s more, you’ll have the full support and backing of Sparkle Cleaning and be able to benefit from their years of success in the cleaning industry

All Sparkle Cleaning Franchise Costs Explained

You should expect to make a minimum investment of £10,000 + VAT. But prices can vary. In return, you’ll receive instant access to the full resources of the Sparkle Cleaning brand. This includes extensive training as well as access to robust lead generation and software tools in addition to comprehensive, ongoing support throughout your time as a franchisee. Don’t forget, there’s a reason why these cleaning franchise opportunities are so rarely passed up – you should expect to generate approximately £100,000 in revenue within just two years after you open for business.

Get Help Meeting Your Funding Needs

Don’t have the necessary capital to purchase a cleaning business franchise outright? Don’t be concerned. You’ll find that because you wish to join Sparkle Cleaning and build from a solid foundation, you now have far more of a chance to secure the necessary financial aid from an investor such as a bank. Remember, there is compelling evidence that franchises are truly viable business opportunities which often lead to profitability. Independent start-ups, on the other hand, often fail within their first 24 months of operation. Investors will always choose the option which presents less risk to them – in this case, your plan to invest in a franchise for sale.

The Training & Support You’ll Receive is Truly Comprehensive

Before you take over your cleaning company franchise, you’ll be given a full working week’s worth of training. This will include three days in a classroom learning environment and two working with the Sparkle Cleaning team so you can gain invaluable experience. But the support won’t end there…

You’ll be able to get in touch with your parent company any day you choose to get the advice you need. Further to this, weekly mentoring and seminars every quarter will help you enhance your business management skills. While a fully documented business plan will provide you with the guidance you require in order to streamline your path to profitability. Plus, you’ll be given access to over 100 support videos that will talk you through almost every conceivable situation you’ll face as the owner of a Sparkle Cleaning franchise – handling your cash flow. Managing your staff. Using onboarding systems. It’ll all be covered.

Always bear in mind that your success is Sparkle Cleaning’s success. If you’re able to lay down roots in a new area and establish a loyal customer base, it will only further the brand’s reputation and track record. They will be just as invested in your franchise as you are!

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