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Bright Eyes Has Developed a Range of Innovative LED Hats

The Bright Eyes Clothing Company is offering you the chance to follow its proven business model and build your own clothing enterprise! These franchise opportunities are described in detail below…

The Brand’s Products Explained

Bright Eyes’ hats feature high-quality bright beams that enable customers to see up to 10 metres in front of them in the dark. There are two light options – flashing or full beam. These lights can be seen from over 200 metres away and allow parents to see their children from a distance during winter when visibility is reduced. Of course, the hats are also designed for comfort and are double-lined for warmth. What’s more, each product has a one-year guarantee to give customers peace of mind.

Further to this, the brand can also offer a range of LED laces suitable for all types of shoes.

Why Bright Eyes?

All Bright Eyes franchise partners are given a geographically-defined protected area filled with business opportunities. You’ll be able to grow your operations at your own pace and you won’t need to worry about any other franchisees taking customers from you. Your agreement will last for up to one year and if you’re satisfied with how your business has progressed, you’ll be able to renew the deal.

What will your days consist of? You’ll promote and sell the brand’s products within your territory. You won’t be required to make any of the items and you won’t be restricted to selling just LED hats and laces. Bright Eyes will also enable you to sell its other clothing ranges if you so choose and you’ll benefit from reduced rates.

Remember, this isn’t like other clothing franchises. You won’t need to work from an office if you don’t want to. You can be entirely home based and manage your operations while in comfortable surroundings. Plus, Bright Eyes won’t force you to purchase large quantities of stock – you’ll only have to buy 50 products at a time. As a result of this, you can tightly control your finances and face a reduced amount of risk as you cautiously build your customer base.

You Don’t Need to Have Run a Business Before

Haven’t got any sales or marketing experience? It won’t be a problem. This franchise opportunity is suitable for all enthusiastic and driven entrepreneurs. But don’t forget, to get accepted by Bright Eyes, you’ll need to show that you have the communication skills required to convince both new and existing customers to purchase products from you on a consistent basis.

A Low Cost Investment

A Bright Eyes franchise costs just £1,200 and this figure includes the initial £400 fee. There aren’t many clothing franchise opportunities that are as affordable as this! You also won’t have to worry about any ongoing fees. The company won’t take any additional capital from you.

Your franchise package will include 100 LED hats, full training, marketing guidance and so much more. It’s important to realise that if you sell all of the stock you’re provided with, you’ll be close to breaking even on your investment.

How much revenue can you expect? From your third year onwards you could generate up to £60,000 per annum. It goes without saying that is a sensational return on an inexpensive investment.

Many Banks Provide Funding for Prospective Franchisees

Don’t miss out on this franchise opportunity. If you can’t afford it outright, simply create a business plan and approach a money lender at a major bank. Your request will be approved subject to status.

You’ll Be Taught Everything You Need to Know

It’s perfectly understandable if you’re daunted by the prospect of managing your own clothing franchise. But you needn’t be concerned. The Bright Eyes franchise support team will teach you how to obtain and retain customers. On top of this, you’ll be given tried and tested sales and marketing materials and tools. These will enable you to effectively promote your enterprise to potential clients in your territory. Furthermore, if you ever have any questions, you can contact the team and get the guidance you desire. You won’t be alone.

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