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The Zip Yard Franchise

The Zip Yard Franchise – Provide Expert Garment Alteration Services

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The Zip Yard Adjusts & Repairs Clothing

Clients go to The Zip Yard when they need their precious garments altered or repaired.

The company is expanding and a multitude of franchise opportunities are now open. Keep reading if you want to start your own Zip Yard business…

A Company Committed to the Environment

The Zip Yard offers expert clothing shortening and resizing, zip replacements and repairs, school uniform alterations and even curtain adjustments. Each service prevents more clothes from being disposed of and therefore reduces the impact on the environment.

Join a Successful Brand

Want to become part of The Zip Yard franchise network? Here’s how it will work:

Once you’ve passed the application process, the brand’s support team will help you find a suitable area and a specific site for your outlet. This’ll be within an exclusive territory that’s full of potential business opportunities. They will then fit out your store. This will include external and internal signage, the fitting room, counters, flooring and so on. But they won’t stop there.

You’ll also get industrial-standard machinery, stock to get you started and all-inclusive recruitment assistance. It’s vital that you get the right staff to help you run your clothing retail franchise, as you yourself won’t be completing the services. That will fall on the shoulders of your team.

Don’t forget, the greatest advantage you’ll gain from joining forces with The Zip Yard is the company’s trade name. When their clothing is damaged or not fitting correctly, a customer won’t go to any old shop. They’ll go to a brand with a proven track record. You’ll inherit just that from The Zip Yard.

Find Out What Makes a Good Candidate

You don’t need to be a garment repair or alteration specialist! The Zip Yard’s clothing franchise opportunities are open to all passionate, dedicated and hard-working entrepreneurs. This being said, it will certainly be advantageous for you to have a background in management or customer service. Your role will involve constant communication with both clients and staff. But regardless of your current level of experience, you’ll be fully trained by the brand’s franchise support team.

The Zip Yard Franchise Costs Revealed

You’ll need to pay an initial upfront franchise fee of £15,000. While the overall investment is typically between £38,500 and £40,000. The exact price will depend on factors such as store size and location. You should also bear in mind that the above figures don’t include any working capital you may need while starting up your business.

In exchange for your capital, The Zip Yard will provide you with a comprehensive package. This will include business management, sales and marketing and admin and accountancy support. Plus, you’ll be provided with shopfitting assistance, marketing collateral, equipment and furniture as well as a license to use the company’s branding.

You’re unlikely to find another clothing franchise for sale that includes so much!

Get Financial Assistance

A money lender can give you the funding you need to partner with The Zip Yard. Don’t be nervous. The overwhelming majority of clothing franchises succeed and there’s evidence that supports this claim. Your proposal won’t be seen as risky.

Training & Support

The Zip Yard’s franchisee training programme has been designed to thoroughly prepare each individual to manage their own clothing franchise. During your personal instructional period, you’ll become familiar with customer service techniques in addition to all of the brand’s products and services. You’ll also be taught how to use invaluable software that makes pricing and accountancy that much easier. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be provided with a detailed operational manual and the contact details of the head office team. You’ll have the option to reach out to them at any time to ask for guidance.

Rest assured that The Zip Yard will make the marketing process as easy as possible for you. You’ll start with a full promotional package that encompasses both physical and digital materials. All of which have been tried and tested over the company’s many years in the industry. You’ll be able to quickly build your customer base!

What Are the Next Steps?

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