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Consumers Instantly Recognise Costa Coffee

The Costa Coffee enterprise has taken the world by storm since it was founded in 1971. The brand now has thousands of coffeehouses and smaller outlets active across multiple continents. The trade name ‘Costa’ has become synonymous with ‘quality’. It attracts customers everywhere. Who wouldn’t want to join forces with this economic giant?

Business owners can now incorporate Costa’s famous branding and products into their existing operations through the franchise opportunities the company is offering.

Costa Has Found the Secret to Consistent Success

The company’s tried and tested coffee-roasting techniques have been refined over decades. This process is now completed within the brand’s many roasteries. These state-of-the-art facilities enable the production of approximately 45,000 tonnes of the highest quality coffee per annum. Each and every one of the beans used come from Rainforest Alliance Certified sources. Meaning they were farmed in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way.

Costa Coffee establishments themselves are known for their stylish decor and superb staff. All baristas who work for the company are required to attend the Costa academy. This is where they’re extensively trained in the art of making coffee.

The coffee types available in these outlets include, but aren’t limited to, espressos, americanos, cappuccinos, cortados and flat whites. However, this is far from all the brand offers…

Customers can also choose from flavourful teas, delicious hot chocolates, mouth-watering cakes and a wide range of melt-in-your-mouth fast-food. In this vast array of options, there are foods and beverages that suit almost all dietary requirements, from vegetarians to vegans.

A Non-traditional Franchise Opportunity

Normally, coffee franchises involve entrepreneurs partnering with a specific brand and then establishing their own brick-and-mortar store under its umbrella. As of right now, there are no such Costa Coffee franchise partnership opportunities open. Instead, only owners of existing commercial entities are able to get into business with Costa. But how does it work?

The company doesn’t insist on its outlets having particular square footage – they come in all different shapes and sizes. As a result, they can be set-up in airports, hotels, pubs, restaurants, drive-throughs and many other similar locations which have high footfall on a daily basis. Costa is always ready to hear franchise proposals from the owners of these types of establishments.

The benefits you’d gain as a business owner for partnering with the brand would be substantial. Costa is a globally famous brand known for excellence. If the company is within your business site, it will immediately draw attention. Further to this, you’ll have the full support of Costa when it comes to staffing the outlet and ensuring the facilities are kept well-maintained and operational.

All this being said, Costa Coffee is still actively on the lookout for new business opportunities. So even if you don’t own an organisation that can incorporate one of the brand’s outlets currently, you can still enquire and make your own proposal on the company’s website. Costa may be open to helping you start your own coffee shop franchise in the future!

Could Your Business Incorporate Costa Coffee?

To show the team at Costa that it’s within their best interests to partner with you, you’ll have to prove that your organisation is suitable and prominent enough. For example, many current Costa franchise partners have a minimum of 10 different store locations.

The Investment

While your specific Costa Coffee franchise costs will be determined when you contact the brand, the typical investment will range between £250,000 and £800,000. This will vary based on location.

Major Banks Offer Funding for Franchisees

But you can’t just approach a money lender and say you’ve found a franchise for sale that you think is right for you, even if it’s Costa Coffee! You’ll first need to formulate a business plan and present it.

Costa Coffee Will Give You Ongoing Support

The machines used within your Costa outlet are advanced. The company will be able to diagnose any issues that occur remotely. In addition, there will be a helpline open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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