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There’s a Reason Everyone Knows Starbucks

The Starbucks brand was founded in 1971. Over the course of the decades since, it has grown into an enterprise of staggering size. Today, the company has more than 30,000 coffeehouses based in countries all over the world.

You can now become part of the celebrated Starbucks Coffee brand by taking the special franchise opportunity described below…

Renowned Coffee Experts

Starbucks means coffee. Coffee means Starbucks. The two are interlinked. The brand’s well-earned reputation for superior beverages is why so many consumers choose it over its competitors. But what exactly does the company offer?

Espresso drinks. Brewed coffees. Iced coffees. Hot chocolates. Hot breakfasts. Delicious lunches. Starbucks’ customers can enjoy them all and so much more!

Further to this, the brand’s rewards system enables coffee drinkers to accumulate ‘stars’ for each order they place. Once a consumer has built up a certain amount of ‘stars’, they’re able to get a beverage for free. This ingenious initiative has allowed Starbucks to attract, and then retain, even more customers.

Behind the Scenes of a Starbucks Franchise

If you’re accepted as a franchise partner, Starbucks will help you build your own enterprise, and capitalise on the many business opportunities in the industry. To ensure you get off to the best possible start, the company will first provide you with comprehensive training and then help you find a suitable location. You’ll get assistance directly from the brand’s real estate team. You can, of course, suggest a site yourself but it will need to meet Starbucks’ criteria.

Once a location has been finalised, the company’s retail team will help you design and fit your store. After this, you’ll be able to start recruiting staff, but you’ll get excellent support and guidance while you do this, too. You’ll also be provided with access to Starbuck’s proven business systems and be taught exactly how to use them.

What Being a Franchisee Requires

Taking these kinds of franchise opportunities requires substantial levels of capital, drive, determination, leadership and communication. Do you fit this bill? Then you may well be eligible to partner with Starbucks and start your own coffee franchise.

How Much Capital Do You Need?

Starbucks franchise costs are affected by factors such as location, store size and required equipment. You won’t get an exact total until you reach out to the brand’s franchise team. However, you should know that you’ll need at least £500,000 in unencumbered funds to qualify as a potential franchisee.

Your Funding Options Revealed

Starbucks doesn’t currently offer funding to any prospective franchisees. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get financial assistance. Don’t forget, many major banks have entire departments dedicated to helping prospective franchisees. You just have to choose one and present your business plan.

Unsure what needs to be included in this documentation? Money lenders need proof that you’ve considered every aspect of the franchise opportunity you plan to take. This means you’ll need to provide a detailed financial forecast, a breakdown of your operational strategy and so on.

But coffee franchises are almost always profitable, and there’s statistical evidence that verifies this. This isn’t to mention as well, the fact that you’ll be partnering with the world-famous Starbucks – a franchisor with years of experience. These factors will combine to give you a great chance of securing the funding you require.

A Guide to Training & Support

You won’t just be thrown in the deep end once you become a Starbucks franchise partner. The company has a specially designed training programme for all its franchisees. You’ll spend approximately a month learning how to handle managing your future store. This will include how to prepare the beverages themselves because how else can you know if your staff are achieving the highest standards?

After your coffee shop franchise has launched, the Starbucks team will continue to support you. They’ll do this by performing reviews four times a year. After each of these, they’ll provide you with invaluable guidance and tell you how you can improve your processes and, therefore, increase your overall productivity.

Speak to Starbucks

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