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Chemex International Franchise – Teach Businesses to Comply With Hygiene Standards

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Presenting Chemex International

Chemex International produces highly effective commercial cleaning products for hygiene and infection control purposes. They supply these solutions to clients in many different sectors, from food manufacturers to care homes, and have built a reputation for excellence. But they still want to reach greater heights…

The brand has been in the franchising field for over three decades now. They know how to maximise the potential of the entrepreneurs they partner with. So, take the franchise opportunities they provide and help the brand grow even more.

Why Their Customers Keep Coming Back

Even after years in the industry, Chemex International continues to succeed because its services make its clients’ lives easier. For example, restaurant owners know they have to maintain certain hygiene standards. If they turn to Chemex, they’ll experience a simple four-step plan that will result in consistent cleanliness. Firstly, brand representatives will get to grips with the exact nature of their customer’s business. Secondly, they’ll formulate a personalised plan that will fill every identified need. Thirdly, proven products will be provided and staff specially trained. Fourthly and finally, the new processes will be implemented. The streamlined nature of this operation has seen Chemex retain client after client

Capitalise on This Franchise Opportunity

Invest in a Chemex International franchise and you’ll be assigned to an area of your own. The company’s business model revolves around repeat business from each of their clients – meaning a steady revenue stream for you. The best part? You’ll be entering a new industry under the umbrella of a brand that is known for excellence. Chemex’s reputation will open many doors and give you a significant advantage over independent start-ups. What’s more, the target market you serve is experiencing increased demand from year-to-year. Businesses must comply with hygiene legislation in the workplace. They’ll need your help to make sure they can do so.

Their Ideal Franchisee

Many other commercial cleaning franchise companies will insist you have industry experience. But not Chemex International! The brand is prepared to teach you everything you need to know. They’ll take your particular skill-set and combine it with their hard-earned knowledge of commercial cleaning. All you’ll need is a level of familiarity with leadership in a business setting as well as good communication skills.

Read About Chemex International Franchise Costs

If you partner with Chemex International, you could have a turnover of approximately £300,000 with just a single vehicle. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another commercial cleaning franchise that could give you that level of return on your investment!

The initial fee you pay could be as low as £10,000 + VAT. Although bear in mind that prices will vary depending on your chosen package. These can include but aren’t limited to, lead generation tools, ongoing training, proven marketing materials and methodologies as well as mobile technology. All of which will help you grow your business from minute one.

Don’t Have the Capital to Cover the Investment Requirements?

You’ll receive funding support so you can take the remarkable business opportunities in front of you. In fact, the team at Chemex International will be willing to contact external finance specialists directly to ensure the process goes smoothly.

You’ll Be Taught How to Manage Your Business

You won’t be thrown in at the deep end. Before you take the reins of your Chemex International franchise, you’ll undergo comprehensive training. Seasoned professionals will teach you about the intricacies of the commercial cleaning market and how to deliver quality every single time so you can get repeat orders.

Further to this, you’ll also receive access to the brand’s bespoke software as part of your franchise agreement. This technology will enable you to efficiently analyse all the data associated with your business. Consequently, you’ll be able to serve your customers better and identify areas for growth.

You also won’t be left to fend for yourself. Chemex International will remain in your corner throughout your time as a franchisee. So, if you ever find yourself in need of advice, you’ll be able to give them a call.

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