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£140,000 and £170,000 annually after three years of trading

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No Courier Company Delivers Parcels Quite Like DPD

DPD, or Dynamic Parcel Distribution, is a globally recognised brand that facilitates the delivery of items all across the world. The organisation is an undisputed leader in the field and is able to provide franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who wish to become owner-drivers.

The Epitome of True Efficiency

DPD has stayed ahead of its competitors by utilising refined technology to consistently achieve fast delivery times. Each driver uses the company’s premium route-mapping systems to ensure they’re operating at peak efficiency.

What else makes DPD stand out from the crowd? Every customer that the company delivers to isn’t left waiting or worrying about when their parcel will arrive. This is because they have access to an accurate one-hour timeframe that updates throughout the expected day of delivery.

Regarding This Franchise Opportunity

DPD franchise partners are referred to by the brand as owner-driver franchisees or ‘ODFs’. You’ll be able to choose from two different models: ODF or ODF Lite. The standard ODF agreement will require you to be a full-time delivery driver, while the ODF Lite option is more flexible and will enable you to work part-time.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be expected to collect parcels and transport them safely to specified locations in a time-efficient manner. To help you, DPD will provide you with access to their celebrated Predict system that will map delivery routes for you. It will also give the customers you’re delivering to an estimated time of arrival – this will be a one-hour timeframe.

Want to know what a standard working day will be like? Firstly, you’ll load your fully insured, DPD branded vehicle and set your own schedule for that day. Secondly, you’ll use the brand’s bespoke route mapping systems to navigate to the customers on your route. Thirdly and finally, you’ll head back to your local depot and have a debrief with the team.

After your courier services franchise has been operational for three months, you’ll be allowed to expand your operation and take on further routes – meaning you’ll be able to take more business opportunities! Remember, you’ll have a set five-year deal, which can be renewed.

Who Can Team Up With the Brand?

Needless to say, if you plan to take courier franchise opportunities like this, you must be prepared for daily driving. Accordingly, you’ll need a full drivers licence and must be comfortable and experienced behind the wheel. But you won’t need to prove you’ve managed your own business before, or worked in the industry, as DPD will fully train you.

The Capital You’ll Require

Unsure how much a DPD franchise costs? The exact figure will vary depending on which model you choose.

To take the standard ODF option you’ll need to pay a deposit that can be as low as £1,400 or as high as £2,400, plus a £400 franchise fee. On the other hand, the ODF Lite model requires a £400 fee and a £1,000 deposit. Keep in mind, the deposit requirements may increase or decrease depending on your suitability score.

No matter which courier franchise type you decide upon, you’ll need to provide both the fee and the deposit upfront. DPD predicts that after you’ve been in business for at least three years, and fully established yourself, you should be able to achieve a yearly revenue of between £140,000 and £170,000.


You’ve got the chance to invest in one of the most famous courier franchises in the world. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! If you haven’t got the required capital, you can go to the franchise department of your local bank and ask for a loan. DPD’s track record of success with franchisees will make it likely your request will be approved.

Look Forward to Daily Support

DPD will ensure you’re both confident and competent before you take over your courier business franchise. To this end, you’ll be comprehensively trained and shown exactly how to use the brand’s bespoke systems. What’s more, you’ll be able to rely on guidance from the team at your local depot at all times.

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