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CUPP - a Bubble Tea Enterprise

CUPP isn’t like other bubble tea operations – the brand exclusively uses fresh and healthy ingredients. The founders of CUPP want to bring their flavourful recipes to yet more customers. But to do this they must partner with ambitious entrepreneurs capable of using their tried and tested model. It’s for this reason that they’ve now opened up several exciting franchise opportunities. Learn more below.

How the Brand Is Redefining Bubble Tea

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and it was there that the company’s founders learned how to make this delicious drink. But since then, they’ve refined the process. This innovation has led to continued success. But what exactly makes CUPP’s bubble tea so special?

Each drink is made using a unique mixture of fine loose leaf tea, fresh organic milk and brown sugar syrup. The syrup is made entirely in-house and is CUPP’s own original creation. This recipe stands in stark contrast to other bubble tea brands, which mainly use unhealthy artificial ingredients.

When customers enter a CUPP establishment, they are able to choose from a wide-ranging menu that includes milk teas, fruit teas, matcha teas and brown sugar teas. There are also a variety of toppings available. These encompass tapioca pearls, coconut jelly, basil seeds and more.

Capitalise on the Business Opportunities in This Niche Market

You should consider applying to become a CUPP franchise partner. If you’re accepted, you’ll be able to sign a renewable agreement that lasts for an initial period of up to five years. During this time, you’ll be able to run your own CUPP establishment and sell the brand’s remarkable bubble tea.

Of course, the size of your enterprise will be determined based on the type of partnership you agree to. You’ll have three options – a single store agreement a multi-store agreement, or an international master franchise agreement. If you were to pick a single store, you would operate just one shop in a territory exclusive to you, while a multi-store would involve an agreed-upon number of both standard outlets and kiosks, again within one set area. An international master franchise, on the other hand, would see you manage all stores within a given country.

No matter what you choose, you’ll feel the full support of the company at every step of the process. Once you’ve been comprehensively trained, the CUPP team will help you find an appropriate site for your outlet or outlets. There are pre-made designs for stores of all sizes and you’ll get one that suits yours. After your franchise has launched, you’ll be able to act as your own boss. But you’ll still be able to rely on CUPP for ongoing support.

What Kind of Experience Do You Need?

You won’t be required to have a background in the industry. CUPP has made these remarkable diet franchise opportunities open to all. This being said, it will be helpful if you have some familiarity with business management and organising staff. You should also be comfortable interacting with customers face-to-face.

Here Are the CUPP Franchise Costs

To open a single store, you’ll need to pay an upfront franchise fee of £15,000 plus VAT. The overall investment will be circa £60,000. You must provide at least £20,000 of this in unencumbered funds. But don’t forget, this number will increase if you choose a multi-site or international master franchise agreement.

In exchange, you’ll be trained and given full operational and marketing support. Once your enterprise is active, you’ll be expected to pay a 5% royalty fee and 1% advertising fee on an annual basis.

Your Funding Options

You should keep in mind that CUPP doesn’t currently offer funding support to prospective franchisees. But don’t let this deter you! Many major banks are willing to offer financing to entrepreneurs looking to invest in diet franchises like this one.

Training & Support

Before your diet franchise is launched, you’ll undergo a seven-day training course. You’ll be taught how to make bubble tea, complete day-to-day business procedures and that’s not all. CUPP will also provide you with extensive marketing and promotional support to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

Move Forward With This Franchise Opportunity

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