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Dawn Breakers Explained

Dawn Breakers was founded to help individuals get fit and stay fit. The team behind this growing company accomplishes this by not only offering fitness courses but expert nutritional advice, too.

Did you know that you could set up your own Dawn Breaker operation? Learn about these special franchise opportunities below.

Introducing the Brand’s Intensive Fitness & Nutrition Courses

The Dawn Breakers team strives to change bodies, minds and lives through regular exercise classes and nutritional instruction. Customers are able to choose between three affordable courses – standard, plus or virtual.

The standard course is six-weeks long. Each morning within this timeframe, a 45-minute session is held at a community venue, such as a gym, that’s local to the client who’s booked. These sessions are all led by properly qualified and fully trained instructors. In addition to the work-outs, each customer also benefits from a personalised nutrition plan devised by the brand’s experts.

The company’s ‘plus’ course is slightly more expensive. It includes everything provided with the standard course as well as the option to complete sessions remotely. Those on this level are also able to access a video library of fitness resources. While the ‘virtual’ course can be completed on an ongoing remote basis through online video communications software. Dawn Breakers states that anyone who takes its courses will experience weight loss, improved muscle tone, superior fitness, boosted energy levels and much more.

Use This Proven Business Model

Commit to being a Dawn Breakers franchise partner and you will get your own territory in which to offer the brand’s services. The team will help you to determine if there are sufficient business opportunities in the area you select. You’ll be expected to provide all three course options to your customers. But bear in mind that each class you take must be limited to a maximum of 36 people.

While you’re running your franchise, it will be your responsibility to uphold the standards that your parent company has set. Why? Because you’ll be operating under the Dawn Breakers trade name. The brand wants you to grow its reputation and to do that you need to achieve the highest possible standards on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, as your services will be performed in community venues, or remotely, there will be no need for you to purchase or rent an office space. You can be home based. This will keep your monthly costs as low as possible.

What Qualifications Are Needed?

This franchise opportunity requires particular skills – communication, organisation and leadership to name just a few. But even if you possess these, you won’t be eligible to invest in a Dawn Breakers franchise unless you have a Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. It will also be highly beneficial if you have previous experience teaching gym and fitness classes.

Here’s How the Dawn Breakers Franchise Costs Break Down

While other diet franchise opportunities require a daunting initial payment, you’ll need to invest a minimum of just £2,000 in unencumbered funds to partner with Dawn Breakers. The overall total will be approximately £19,950, although prices can vary. The brand also recommends that you have circa £4,000 in working capital. It’s a genuine low cost investment!

Once you’ve made this payment, you’ll get both induction and ongoing training as well as additional support. On top of this, you should expect to have generated roughly £135,000 in revenue within your first two years.

The Brand Doesn’t Offer Direct Financing but There’s Another Way…

You can go to a bank and ask for a business loan. You’re likely to be granted this as long as you have an acceptable credit score and income level. Remember, investing in either diet franchises, or fitness and gym franchises, often leads to profitability for entrepreneurs – Dawn Breakers is the best possible mixture of these.

Training & Support

Unsure you’re prepared to run a diet franchise? Don’t be concerned. Dawn Breakers will give you the training you require. Your induction will take place at the brand’s head office. You’ll be taught by current instructors and learn about nutrition, marketing, taking classes, the brand’s systems and more. You’ll also benefit from 10 days of further support during your first year.

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