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The Power of an Education Centre Franchise

It will Give Parents a Reason to Put Their Trust in You

It goes without saying that customers will only entrust their children’s education to businesses with a proven track record of success. That’s why you should carefully consider every franchise for sale before you make a final decision. Take the time to research the background of each brand you might be associated with in the future. Have they shown they can give young pupils the careful and thorough teaching they deserve? If so, parents will show you that same level of trust when you begin your new venture.

You Won’t Have to Make Your Own Teaching Plan

Buying a franchise doesn’t just give you a recognisable brand name. It gives you a refined, tried and tested business model. Specifically, in the education industry, it provides you with an in-depth curriculum. Moreover, your franchisor will be happy to help you to set up a booking system so parents can arrange online courses for their children. This is particularly vital if you own a distance education franchise.

There’s a Substantially Lower Level of Risk

New independent start-ups usually fail. That’s a known fact. While the education business opportunities you see in front of you have been proven to be far more likely to result in success. Why? Because you’re able to follow the guidelines that your franchisor gives you. They know how to run a successful operation and they’ll ensure you learn every secret they know.

The Particulars of an Education Franchise Business

Are you passionate about learning and self-improvement but have never had the chance to showcase your abilities? Look through the education franchises for sale on Franchise Fame and you’ll find business opportunities which will let you do just that.

As the owner and leader of your own business, there will be no one to tell you when or how often to work. With this level of flexibility, it will be up to you to determine how much time you need to put in to make the most of your new enterprise. You’ll have immediate access to an established customer base and you can begin to put your educational talents to good use. But you won’t be expected to create a full curriculum for your future pupils. Your franchisor will have their own unique plan for you to refer to and follow.

They will also offer you comprehensive training to ensure you’re comfortable passing on knowledge to young students. Don’t forget, you’ll be operating under their brand name and they need to know you’ll be able to reach the high standards they’ve set during their many years in the industry. However, this goes both ways. With a recognisable name stamped on your business, you’ll have immediate trust from potential clientele, which will give you an advantage over new independent start-ups.

Take a Close Look at Every Education Franchise Opportunity You See

Parents only want their children to get the best education possible and sometimes standard schooling just isn’t sufficient. It’s for this reason that education franchise opportunities are now truly viable options for entrepreneurs. But what exactly is making this market so lucrative?

Private tutoring has almost become an industry unto itself. With wide-ranging education alternatives at their fingertips, parents are able to pick and choose what areas they want their children to improve in. This encompasses foreign languages, traditional subjects and particularly computing…

The majority of jobs available in current times require at least some level of familiarity with Information Technology (IT). Now, parents are able to ensure that their children can become at the very least proficient in the field so they are far better prepared for later life. What’s more, they’re able to do so from the comfort of their own home.

In fact, the most successful businesses in the education sector have learned to capitalise on the convenience of online learning. With lessons taking place entirely over the Internet, there’s no need for a large investment in permanent premises and staff costs can be much more closely controlled.

So, if you were to make your own in-roads into the industry, buying a distance education franchise that focuses on teaching children both basic and advanced computing techniques may very well be your best course of action.

Consider These Additional Aspects…

Implement a Marketing Plan That’s Led to Past Success

As a new business owner, it’s unlikely you’ll have the free time to go through the trial and error needed to finalise an attention-grabbing marketing formula. With an education franchise business, you won’t have to. The vast majority of franchisors have dedicated teams created for the sole purpose of distributing digital and physical advertising content to the public. They’ll help put you on the map.

Learn How to Manage Your New Business

Recruiting staff. Booking in new lessons. Giving children the knowledge they need to succeed. You’ll be trained to do it all. Extensive support programmes will be made available to you from the beginning, and they’ll give you both the competency and confidence to handle every aspect of your education centre franchise.

Present Investors With a Venture They Can Believe in

Going to a bank with an original business plan of your own devising can be intimidating. And it’s by no means guaranteed to result in the full financial aid necessary to start your own operations. However, if they know you’re buying a distance education franchise, for example, they’ll take into account the history of the brand name you’ll be associated with and are much more likely to give you the funding you seek. This is for one simple reason. New franchises usually stand the test of time, new independents don’t. And investors will always choose the less risky option for themselves.

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Low investment
Tappy Toes logo
Children & Childcare

Tappy Toes Franchise

Tappy Toes is a dance-and-move franchise that was established in 2005 in the UK and which has expanded further afield to Dubai in the UAE.

Min. Investment


Techy Tots Logo
Children & Childcare

TechyTots Franchise

Established in December 2016, TechyTots is the first and currently only franchise in the UK to offer children aged three to 10 the opportunity to learn coding skills

Min. Investment



Established in 1999, Premier Education has over 22 years of experience in franchising.

Min. Investment


Tutor Doctor Logo FF

In 2000, Tutor Doctor began offering one-to-one tutoring services and in 2003, their first franchised locations opened in the USA.

Min. Investment


Children & Childcare

Water Babies

Water Babies began in 2002, and since then, has grown fast with 71 franchises, running 79 outlets across the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Canada, and China.

Min. Investment


puddle ducks logo
Min. Investment


Founded in 2002, Mathnasium is a maths education franchise that’s in the business of helping kids master maths and fall in love with it.

Min. Investment


monkay music logo
Children & Childcare

Monkey Music Franchise

The Monkey Music franchise, which has been running for nearly 30 years, was established in 1993. To date, it has 47 franchises in the field of pre-school nursing and education.

Min. Investment


Monkey puzzle logo

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries was launched in March 2002 and is currently the “undisputed market leader in the franchised nursery sector and the third largest UK nursery group overall”.

Min. Investment


Min. Investment