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Pop Up Play Village Franchise – Entertain Both Young Children & Their Parents

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Pop Up Play Village Fuels Children's Imaginations

Pop Up Play Village enables both parents and children to take part in fun, developmental role-play sessions suitable for birthday parties, weddings and so on. The company has an ambitious expansion plan – to offer exciting franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs who can bring its services to new areas. Are you up for the challenge?

A Company That Helps Kids Learn, Develop & Have Fun

Pop Up Play Village gives children the environments and tools they need to role-play as doctors, chefs, artists, vets, builders, librarians and more. Each of the brand’s sessions has been devised by an early-years education specialist, and they’re designed to facilitate learning and development.

The company’s events can normally be attended by up to 30 children and their parents. Parents are actively encouraged to take part in the sessions in order to make them more immersive for their children.

You Can Use This Proven Business Model

Entertainment franchises like this enable you to enter a market that’s hard to break into. Parents want the best for their children, and because of this, they’ll generally only go to brands with proven track records. If you become a Pop Up Play Village franchise partner, you’ll be able to use the company’s recognised trade name to quickly establish a customer base of your own.

You’ll be able to rely on Pop Up Play Village for support while you set up your franchise and get to work. You’ll be assigned an area featuring an ample number of business opportunities.

Remember, your services will normally be performed in public properties such as community centres, as well as large open gardens, and other similar areas. Consequently, you won’t need to purchase or rent a property. This will keep your overheads low.

Who Pop Up Play Village Is Looking for

While investing in other child entertainment franchises may require specific qualifications, this isn’t the case with Pop Up Play Village. The company is searching for ambitious, self-disciplined individuals who will be comfortable interacting with and teaching children regularly. Sound like you? Act now and apply.

This Is a Low Cost Investment

A Pop Up Play Village franchise costs just £7,950. Should you choose to invest, you’ll receive in-depth training, professional assistance with marketing your enterprise, session and curriculum planning support and more.

Get Financial Assistance From a Third Party

Up to 70% of your investment into a Pop Up Play Village franchise can be provided through a business loan. Keep in mind if you’re setting up in certain locations, the brand will be able to put you in touch with reputable money lenders it’s established relationships with. But if this isn’t possible in your case, you can go to a franchise department of a major bank independently and present your business plan…

You must outline the franchise opportunity, show how you’ll execute your marketing and operational strategy as well as provide a detailed financial forecast. You’ll also be able to point to the many other franchises in the entertainment industry that have succeeded and become profitable as proof of the viability of your proposed venture.

Once you’ve presented this plan, the money lender in question will look over all the details and decide whether to provide you with the capital you need. Of course, in order to be eligible for this, you must have an appropriate credit score and income level.

How Will You Be Trained & Supported?

Once you’ve teamed up with Pop Up Play Village, you’ll be fully trained. The programme will go over everything that will be required of you after you’ve launched your kids entertainment franchise. This includes the daily business processes you’ll have to complete, the play sessions you must lead and the community venues you’ll need to use.

Further to this training, you’ll be provided with all the necessary equipment in addition to pre-made EYFS and Key Stage 1 curriculum plans and comprehensive marketing support.

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