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Baguette Express, a Fast Food Restaurant Chain With a Difference

Baguette Express is committed to fresh ingredients, strong flavours, and excellent customer service. The company’s dedication to quality has led to success, and the creation of a large network of outlets, all run by skilled and ambitious franchisees. You can be one of them. Find out how to open your own Baguette Express restaurant by taking a look at the franchise opportunities described below.

Why Do Consumers Choose Baguette Express?

Fair prices. Friendly staff. Quick service. Delicious food. This is what Baguette Express customers have come to expect. But these aren’t the only reasons they keep coming back.

The brand allows its clientele to create their own personalised sandwiches. They simply have to tell the staff exactly what they want made with the ingredients available. Although they also have the option to choose from a traditional menu.

How Opening Your Own Outlet Would Work

If you invested in a Baguette Express franchise, the company would help you identify an appropriate location for your store. This process would involve market research within the area in question, to ensure that there’ll be ample business opportunities. If it’s determined that the territory is suitable, Baguette Express’ franchise team will help you fit out your store. But it’s important to realise that the level of support you receive at this point, will be dependent on the franchise package you choose.

Further to this, you’ll be thoroughly trained and given the systems and resources you need to succeed. But most importantly, you’ll be provided with a license to use Baguette Express’ branding – you won’t have to build your own reputation from scratch. Customers will know exactly what you can give them from the start.

You’re Not Expected to Be an Industry Expert

To start a fast food franchise, you need to be familiar with business management and be a good communicator and organiser. But Baguette Express will not stop you from taking this franchise opportunity just because you’ve never worked in the industry before.

A Guide to Investing

The minimum amount you can initially invest is £30,000. Covering all start-up fees will require between £55,000 and £100,000. Although, you should bear in mind that the Baguette Express franchise costs will vary based on the shop-fit package you choose, and the location in which you want to work.

Don’t forget, no matter which option you choose, you’ll be properly trained, and have the Baguette Express’ assistance on-going.

Don’t Give Up if You Don’t Have All the Required Capital

Finding the necessary money to cover all of the expenses associated with fast food franchises can be difficult. But there are ways you can get help. One such method is to request a loan from a bank. But before you can do so, you’ll need to prepare an in-depth business plan including the necessary financial and marketing analysis. Once you’ve completed this strategy documentation, you can go to the finance department of your local bank, and ask for a meeting. Following your presentation, you’ll likely receive a response within ten working days.

It must be remembered that the majority of franchises succeed, while approximately half of independent start-ups fail. Having the backing of a brand like Baguette Express will give you an advantage in this situation.

The Level of Training & Support You Should Anticipate

Running a fast food franchise business can be complex. But Baguette Express will make it as as easy as possible for you. The franchise team will give you two full weeks of training so you understand all aspects of your new operation. This will include going over all the options on the brand’s menu, as well as the standard of service you’ll be expected to uphold during your time as a franchisee. In addition, you’ll be taught how to use the brand’s bespoke till-system, and be provided with detailed manuals.

After you’ve opened, you’ll continue to receive marketing and sales support from Baguette Express. Plus, you’ll also be able to get in touch with the franchise team to get support whenever you choose.

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