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Chicken Cottage Has Been Providing Quality Fast Food Since 1994

Chicken Cottage is a fast food restaurant enterprise that’s recognised for its fresh and flavourful food. Since the company began franchising in 1995, it’s opened over 100 different stores worldwide. All have found success. Do these franchise opportunities appeal to you? Keep reading!

This is a Unique Restaurant Chain

When customers go to a Chicken Cottage outlet, they don’t just experience a traditional fast food service. The ingredients are fresh and responsibly sourced, the meat is halaal and the service is exceptional. To this day, the team at Chicken Cottage continues to refine their recipes and operations in order to improve the quality of their offerings.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Chicken Cottage Franchise Partner

You’ll be able to use an established brand identity to break through to the fast food market and make your own mark. How does it work? You’ll invest in the franchise and then be given the resources and guidance you need to open your own outlet and manage every aspect of the operation.

Chicken Cottage will help you through each step. This will include site review and approval, construction, training and even your grand opening. In fact, they’ll also help you evaluate the area you plan to open your store in to ensure that there are adequate business opportunities within the territory.

From then on, Chicken Cottage will assist you whenever you ask.

Find Out if You’re a Good Fit

To handle operating a fast food franchise business like this, you’ll need good management skills. Plus, you’ll need to be fully committed with a willingness to work hard. All Chicken Cottage franchisees must meet the quality standards that customers have come to expect. All this being said, you won’t need to have had previous experience in the fast food industry itself.

The Fees & Figures

Due to the nature of what’s required to run them, fast food franchises are expensive – Chicken Cottage is no different. You’ll need to pay a set franchise fee of between £15,000 and £30,000, this will go up or down depending on the size and location of your store. While the overall investment will range between £200,000 and £250,000.

If you choose to take this franchise opportunity, you’ll receive a 10-year licence and management training. In addition to legal, business development and marketing support and much more.

What if You Can’t Afford the Chicken Cottage Franchise Costs?

If you’re unable to cover the initial investment requirements, you should contemplate requesting a loan from your bank. Many major financial institutions have departments dedicated to supporting prospective franchisees. All you’ve got to do is prepare a full business plan and present it. This documentation will need to include marketing and sales analysis, your organisational strategy and more. After your meeting, you should receive a response within two weeks.

It’s a point often overlooked, but buying into a fast food franchise is seen as a good investment by banks. This is because it involves following a business model that’s led to success and profitability in the past. It’s simply a less risky path. Especially when compared to independent start-ups, half of which fail in their first two years of operation.

You’ll Receive in-store Training

Prior to the launch of your Chicken Cottage franchise, you’ll undergo a modular-based training programme both online and in-person. This will go over subjects such as store management, standard day-to-day procedures, health and safety, customer service, and so on. After you’ve completed this, you’ll take part in at least a month’s worth of work experience within an active Chicken Cottage outlet. During this time, you’ll learn the entire menu so you know what will be required of the staff members you employ in the future.

Following the grand opening of your franchise, you’ll receive ongoing support from the brand. Chicken Cottage is known for keeping up with the times. As a result, your menu will be updated regularly to stay in line with current trends.

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