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Eggless Cake Shop

The Eggless Cake Shop is a cake boutique firmly centred in the food and beverage industry

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About the Eggless Cake Shop

The story of the Eggless Cake Shop started in 2014 when the first fully-branded Cake Shop opened in Walsall. After its immense success, a second shop followed in Smethwick in the same year. Ever since then, the brand has grown from success to success with 23 franchise units sold before it officially launched itself as a franchise opportunity. Now, the franchisor is looking for new franchisees to spread the brand’s success and you might just be the person that they are looking for. Ready to find out more about this exciting franchise opportunity and what makes it stand out from the crowd?

What They Offer

The Eggless Cake Shop is a cake boutique firmly centred in the food and beverage industry and as the name suggests, it offers bespoke eggless treats to a market of cake lovers that was previously ignored. This includes individuals ranging from vegetarians, coeliacs and allergy sufferers. The brand offers freshly baked cakes and treats to help this market fully enjoy and immerse itself in the sweet experience offered. They are known for their friendly and efficient customer service, too.

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The Franchise Offering

As part of the franchise offering, you will start your Eggless Cake Shop franchise with a five-year renewable term. These franchises are located in areas, centres or zones that experience high foot traffic and if you’re worried about your location, you shouldn’t be. That’s because the parent brand will give you all the guidance you need to select and secure the best premises for the opportunity.

 In addition to this, your shop-fitting and equipment installation process will be professionally managed for you as part of your franchise package. Initially, it would be ideal for you to give your full-time attention to your business manager. However and as an alternative, you may appoint a suitable manager for running your business. 

In order to get started, the franchisor will first determine whether you meet their criteria and you’ll then be invited to a meeting with them. During this meeting, you will find out more about the business, discuss details and have the chance to have your questions answered. In addition, you may also potentially discuss possible locations for your new venture. 

After the first step has been taken, you will have time to ponder what doors this opportunity opens for you. You can also review the numbers with any of your professional advisers, carry out market research or even discuss the opportunity with your family. 

Once you have followed these steps and you are ready to proceed, you will be asked to complete an Intent to Proceed Agreement as well as pay a deposit.

Who Are They Looking For?

Are you focused on providing exceptional customer service? Are you consistently professional? Do you pay attention to details? Then you could be the Eggless Cake Shop’s brand new franchisee. Ideally, the brand is looking for individuals with excellent managerial and people skills, previous experience in management or business ownership, the ability to follow their proven system and a strong commitment to quality. If this sounds like you, then this is definitely an opportunity worth pursuing.

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The Cost

The Eggless Cake Shop franchise involves franchise fees in the region of £10,000 while the minimum investment is approximately £50,000. Overall, the total investment will reach £85,000. But what do you get for this investment? The answer is that two years after establishment, you’re expected to achieve revenue of £180,000 with net profits of 22%-26%. Quite impressive, indeed.


In order to fund your new business opportunity, you are encouraged to speak to third-party lenders such as banks, which could open the doors for you to succeed. Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that most lenders look at franchise opportunities much more favourably than independent start-ups so your application will be assessed both on the franchise opportunity business plan you present to your bank and on your current financial circumstances.

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Training and Support

The Eggless Cake Shop makes your entry into the world of delicious cakes and treats as seamless and profitable as possible. That’s why you’ll get all the help you need to realise your venture’s full potential. You’ll also benefit from a strong relationship with the members of the head office and you’ll never feel as though you are running your business alone. That’s why the brand offers you both launch support and ongoing operational and technical support.

With regard to the launch support, you’ll get extensive marketing help, tools and activities that give you as much exposure to your prospective customers as possible so that you can reap the rewards from this.

Meanwhile, the ongoing operational and technical support will include:

  • A helpline facility
  • A dedicated franchise manager
  • Regular network communication
  • Period visits
  • National conferences
  • The benefits of ongoing product research and development
  • A growing library of business tools and templates

According to the franchisor, your first point of contact for business support and advice will be your franchise manager, who is expertly positioned to help you with training and guidance as well as assist you with promoting best practices.

Training and support

Next Steps

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