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Snack Aid Franchise – Delicious Food That Raises Funds for Charity

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Snack Aid Puts Make-A-Wish Front & Centre

Founded in 2012, Snack Aid’s mission is to raise funds for the charity Make-A-Wish. The company does this by selling high-quality snacks. But in order to reach more customers, and help the charity further, Snack Aid needs new franchisees. Take a look at the franchise opportunities described here and see if you can help.

Confectionary, Healthy Snacks & Even Activity Packs

Snack Aid offers a truly wide range of products. This includes gluten and sugar-free options as well as traditional delights. What also makes the brand stand out is the sheer convenience of how it sells products. Boxes featuring snacks, confectionery and activity packs are placed within certain public and private properties and left for customers to use as they will. All they have to do is put their cash in a money box, and then take what they’ve paid for.

Make Money & a Real Difference

Becoming a Snack Aid franchise partner is a low cost venture that’s flexible, convenient and rewarding. What’s more, you’ll be home based and won’t need to invest in an office space. This will keep your expenses at a minimum. But how does it work exactly?

You’ll choose an exclusive territory from a list of available postcodes. Your role within this area will be to place Snack Aid boxes featuring Make-A-Wish branding in certain premises. Customers based in these properties will take food products from them and leave money in a designated compartment. After a certain period of time passes, you’ll go back to each container, collect the money and restock them. It’s that simple.

Of course, in order to make a success of your Snack Aid franchise, you’ll need to identify the right business opportunities. The brand will help you do this by training you to determine which locations are suitable. Further to this, you’ll also be given access to Snack Aid’s database system, which will allow you to keep track of all your box locations and when you need to restock them.

Snack Aid recommends that its franchisees build a network of 300 sites within their first month of operation.

The Company is Searching For Entrepreneurs With…

Storage, a reliable vehicle, a personal computer and a printer. That’s all you’ll need to make a success of your new fast food franchise. Of course, you’ll also need to be able to work full-time. You won’t require any business management experience or any background in the industry.

You Won’t Have to Pay Any Royalty or Management Fees

Snack Aid franchise costs are dependent on the model you choose. Here are your two options:

A £2,899 + VAT package that includes 7,280 sweets, flapjacks, cakes and activity packs.

A £4,399 + VAT package that encompasses 7,460 sweets, flapjacks, cakes and activity packs. In addition to a free starter package, as well as 300 sited customer locations.

Bear in mind that you’ll get training, ongoing support and 350 Make-A-Wish display boxes, regardless of which you select. Moving forward, the only further expenses will be more stock and boxes. There are no other fees.

Financial Aid Will Be Available if You Need It

This isn’t an ordinary fast food franchise business. If you choose to partner with Snack Aid, there won’t be any large investment requirements. However, if you’re in a situation where you’d like to invest in this franchise for sale, but can’t afford to, you can request a bank loan. Before you do so, remember to carefully prepare a business plan including a detailed financial forecast and an operational strategy.

Snack Aid Will Be Fully Invested in Your Success – Training & Support

Before you launch your Snack Aid franchise, you’ll be taken out and shown by the franchise team how to site specific properties. From then on, you’ll be able to ask for advice at any time you need it. Don’t forget, unlike with other fast food franchises, your own enterprise’s level of financial success will directly influence Snack Aid’s. As a result of this, you can be assured of the brand’s complete commitment to you.

Your Next Step Couldn’t Be Easier

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