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9Round Fitness Makes Kick-boxing Fun & Pain-free

The 9Round Fitness enterprise is made up of a chain of boutique gyms. At each establishment, customers are able to complete a 30-minute long kickboxing session with a trainer at a time that suits them.

The brand is now offering an exciting franchise opportunity to any fitness-minded entrepreneur. Do you fit the bill?

Fast & Convenient Work-outs

9RoundFitness members don’t have to arrive at a set time. They can simply enter one of the brand’s gyms and wait for a new three-minute circuit to start. Thirty minutes later, they’ll have completed a cardio and resistance training programme with the help of a qualified trainer. While they work out, members are given a special MyZone Belt. This device monitors their heart rate and provides an estimate of how many calories have been burned.

There Are Two Different 9Round Fitness Franchise Packages

You can be an owner-manager or owner-investor…

Decide to become an owner-manager and you’ll start with a single gym. This will allow you to retain your previous job. You’ll only need to work between two and three hours per day at your 9Round Fitness establishment. You’ll be able to keep your attention on marketing your enterprise, getting more customers and managing your team of trainers. There will be an option for you to expand your operation and add more gyms in the future.

If you choose the owner-investor package instead, your venture will begin with three separate gyms. You’ll pick a management team, perform on-site evaluations of each of your units at least once a week and be given software to oversee all aspects of your business. Of course, you’ll also be able to add further gyms down the line, if you feel comfortable.

Regardless of which option you select, keep in mind that 9Round Fitness will help you every step of the way. To begin with, you’ll be properly trained. Then, you’ll be able to consult with the brand’s franchise team throughout the site selection process, and they will even assist you with the lease negotiation. They will also ensure that you have all the official 9Round Fitness branded equipment you need and so much more. By the time you’re up and running, you’ll be in a position to capitalise on all the business opportunities in front of you.

The Best Kind of Franchisee

Operating fitness and gym franchises doesn’t just require an understanding of business investments, good communication skills and management experience. To succeed, you’ll need real passion – show 9Round Fitness you’re the right candidate by proving that you have a genuine interest in the field.

A Guide to the 9Round Fitness Franchise Costs

Before you partner with 9Round Fitness and start your own fitness franchise, you’ll need to choose a package…

The owner-manager option requires at least £100,000 in personal capital. You can expect approximately £80,000 in gross revenue per annum in your third, fourth and fifth years in operation.

To get the owner-investor model you’ll need a minimum of £250,000 in personal capital. Through the third, fourth and fifth years of your enterprise, you should make approximately £250,000 in gross revenue per annum.

The total investment for each option will vary based on factors such as the size of your studio and the location in which it’s based.

Bank Funding Will Be Available, Subject to Status

If you want to take this fitness franchise opportunity, you will need at least £100,000 in unencumbered funds. But 9Round Fitness can help you get 50% bank funding to cover the remainder of the investment. However, you’ll need a good credit score and to be above the minimum income threshold to qualify.

How You’ll Get into Shape

This is one of the best gym franchise opportunities out there. Why? Because the training and support all franchisees receive is comprehensive. For instance, if you decide to partner with 9Round Fitness and start your own gym franchise, you can expect online and in-person training as well as extensive marketing support and that’s far from all.

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