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Panku Streetfood Offers Pan-Asian Flavours & Delicious Sushi

Panku Streetfood provides its customers with superb Japanese, Thai, and Korean food. The company is partnered with the famous brand Asda and has more than 30 kiosks located in separate supermarkets.

The franchise opportunities Panku is offering enable entrepreneurs to open their own kiosks and be their own boss. Intrigued?

Introducing a Truly Superior Menu

Customers who come to Panku Streetfood’s kiosks are able to choose from a wonderful selection of meals, burritos, sides, snacks, and more. They can even order platters from home, and collect them when they’re ready.

The Panku team focuses on providing consumers with healthy options that are packed with flavour. They’re always working on new recipes.

A Guide to the Franchise Application Process

Applying for a Panku Streetfood franchise is simple. To begin, you’ll need to fill out and then send an application form to the brand. Panku’s franchise manager will get in touch with you as soon as possible so you can discuss your suitability for the role. After this, you’ll be given an information manual, and asked to write a business plan, which you must present for approval. If it is, you’ll be able to sign an agreement. The company’s support team will then train you, and help you get ready for launch.

Don’t forget, this isn’t like other health food franchises. You won’t have to identify a suitable location, or rent out an appropriately sized property – your kiosk will be located within an Asda store. Panku’s kiosk specialists will design your outlet so it fits perfectly into the specific supermarket you’re assigned. Then, Asda will perform the fit-out, place signs around the store to make sure customers can find you easily, and give you storage space for your goods and tools. All the consumers who enter the Asda you’re based in will be new business opportunities.

What It Takes to Be a Franchisee

Panku Streetfood is looking for entrepreneurs capable of taking on the responsibilities associated with being an owner-operator. You’d be expected to not only manage your kiosk, but work within it as well, taking orders and preparing food. Accordingly, it’ll be beneficial if you have previous experience in the industry, or have a background in sales and customer service. But this isn’t essential, you’ll still be able to take this exciting franchise opportunity as the brand will fully train you.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?

A Panku Streetfood franchise costs roughly £45,000 in total. This figure includes the £15,000 franchise fee. You should know that the minimum initial investment you can make is £23,000.

Once you’ve paid this money and signed your agreement, you’ll be trained, given pre-launch support, provided with on-going post-launch assistance, and that’s far from all.

Request Funding

This is one of the best health food franchise opportunities out there! Don’t let it pass you by. If you can’t afford the upfront costs, consider asking for a loan. Many major banks have dedicated franchise departments specifically to provide funding to prospective franchisees. It’s possible that you’ll be able to secure up to 70% of the capital required to invest. But bear in mind that your request will only be approved subject to status.

The Company’s Intensive Training Programme Revealed

If you’re accepted into the Panku Streetfood franchise family, you’ll undergo a three-week training programme. During this instructional period, you’ll be taught all you need to know about managing a healthy food franchise. This’ll include how to prepare the platters, meals, sushi, burritos, and other offerings Panku has become known for. On top of this, the company will provide you with a detailed operations manual. This document will contain tried and tested recipes, best practices, and so on.

Rest assured that the support won’t end once you’ve launched your business. You’ll be assigned a dedicated area manager who’ll provide you with advice and guidance whenever you need it. Plus, you’ll be given access to Panku’s national distribution system – a truly robust supply chain.

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