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Spoon Street Makes Spectacular Frozen Yoghurt

Spoon Street is an award-winning company that specialises in frozen yoghurt – a healthier dessert alternative that’s becoming more and more popular.

The brand’s business model can help you start your own profitable enterprise. Interested? Learn more about the special franchise opportunities Spoon Street is offering below.

Customers Can Be Creative

Spoon Street provides its customers with a staggering number of options. There are 16 base flavours ranging from the traditional to the unique as well as more than 45 different toppings that encompass everything from chocolate sprinkles to giant strawberries. Consumers can simply enter an outlet, pick up a cup, fill it up, top it off and weigh and pay – it’s a self-serve system that leads to an unforgettable experience!

All of the brand’s offerings are created fresh every single day using locally sourced ingredients, and there are options that suit a wide range of dietary requirements. These include those that are lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and that’s not all.

Consumers are also able to benefit from Spoon Street’s loyalty card system, which enables them to accumulate points and qualify for free frozen yoghurts.

This Is One of the Best Health Food Franchise Opportunities Out There!

If you join the Spoon Street franchise network, you’ll be comprehensively trained and then given an exclusive territory ripe with business opportunities. Moreover, the brand will help you find the right location and even assist you with the fit-out! Once your establishment is ready, you’ll be able to open your doors and give your customers the chance to taste some of the finest frozen yoghurts in the industry.

You’ll be in charge of all aspects of the operation, but the team at Spoon Street’s head office will always be there to give you guidance.

Should You Put Your Name Forward?

Want to partner with Spoon Street and run your own Health food franchise? You’ll need to have experience leading a team, strong communication skills and excellent organisational abilities. But you don’t have to be an industry expert – the brand’s franchise support team will fully train you and get you up to speed.

The Investment & Potential Returns

A Spoon Street franchise costs £19,995 plus VAT initially. Setting up your establishment will require an additional £170,000 plus VAT. But be aware that exact prices will vary depending on factors such as outlet size and location. On top of this, 5% of your turnover will be sent to Spoon Street on an ongoing basis.

What will you get for your money? A licence to use the company’s trade name, full training, marketing support, branded uniforms, invaluable systems and much more.

Spoon Street will provide you with a full three-year financial forecast after you apply. However, you should know that the company has stated franchisees should expect large profits from their first year onwards – £130,425 in year one, £158,161 in year two, and £170,891 in year three. However, these numbers cannot be guaranteed, and your own results will depend on how effectively you implement the business model.

You Can Request Capital if Necessary

It goes without saying that investing in a Spoon Street franchise requires a great deal of money. But not all of it needs to come straight out of your pocket. Health food franchises like this have a history of success and are seen as truly viable opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Use this to your advantage – create a business plan and request a loan from a reputable money lender.

Training & Support

The team at Spoon Street will thoroughly train and properly prepare you. By the time you’ve completed your training at the company’s head office, you’ll be ready to manage your own healthy food franchise. Further to this, Spoon Street will provide you with a dedicated website, set-up your business’ social media and send you a full stationery package. Plus, you’ll be given access to the brand’s bespoke systems, which will make you more efficient.

Don’t forget, from the moment your franchise launches, you’ll be given ongoing support – Spoon Street will want you to succeed.

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