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A unique franchise opportunity that combines sustainability, community involvement, and the flexibility of being your own boss.

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About Willow Alexander Gardens

Welcome to Willow Alexander Gardens, the only carbon-neutral gardening franchise in the UK. We are extremely proud to offer a unique franchise opportunity that combines sustainability, community involvement, and the flexibility of being your own boss. Our mission is to create beautiful gardens while minimizing our environmental impact, allowing franchise owners to contribute positively to the planet and their local communities.

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The Franchise Offering

At Willow Alexander Gardens, we provide a comprehensive franchise package that equips you with the tools and support needed to thrive in the gardening industry. Our franchise offering includes:

  • Established Brand: As a franchise owner, you will benefit from the reputation and recognition of the Willow Alexander Gardens brand. Our commitment to sustainability and quality sets us apart in the market, attracting customers who value eco-friendly practices.
  • Exclusive Territory: Each franchisee is granted an exclusive territory, ensuring that you have a defined market to operate in and minimizing competition from other franchise owners.
  • Proven Business Model: Our business model has been proven and tested over the years, allowing you to hit the ground running with a guaranteed number of regular clients. You’ll have access not only to our knowledge, expertise, best practices, but also to guaranteed revenue!
  • Marketing and Advertising Support: We understand the importance of effective marketing, which is why we provide ongoing support in promoting your franchise. From digital marketing strategies to traditional advertising materials, we’ll help you reach your target audience and attract customers to your business.
  • Equipment and Supplies: The franchise fee includes all battery-operated tools and equipment needed to start the business from day one. Sustainability is at the heart of our business, our operations, plus the use of battery-powered equipment, allow us to deliver the highest quality of service without harming the environment while staying aligned with our carbon-neutral values.

Who Are We Looking For

We are seeking ambitious individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset who share our passion for sustainability and gardening. If you have a green thumb, a drive to succeed, and a desire to run a business that aligns with your values, then Willow Alexander Gardens is looking for you.

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The Cost

Investing in a Willow Alexander Gardens franchise is an opportunity to align your passion for gardening with a sustainable and profitable business. The total cost of the franchise is £25,000, which covers the initial setup, training, and ongoing support you’ll receive from an experienced team. The price does not include company vehicle and additional franchise fees may apply. However, it does include all other necessary aspects such as training, and equipment that you need to start your business from day one. Rest assured, the Willow Alexander Gardens team will guide you throughout the process and help you navigate any additional costs associated with vehicles and franchise fees.

Willow Alexander Franchisees

Training and Support

We believe that the success of our franchisees reflects the success of our franchise brand, as well as the commitment and passion we all hold for sustainability. When you join Willow Alexander Gardens, you’ll receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to excel in the gardening industry.

  • Initial Training: Our initial training program covers all aspects of operating a successful franchise. From gardening techniques and plant care to business management and customer service, we’ll equip you with the essential skills needed to thrive.
  • Ongoing Support and Advice: We are dedicated to your long-term success and provide continuous assistance. Our team is here for your needs, whether you want to ask a question or you need some extra training or best practices.
  • Accounting Package: We understand the importance of efficient financial management. Therefore, we provide an accounting package that helps you keep track of your business finances and maximize profitability.
  • State-of-the-Art Software: Our franchise package includes cutting-edge software to streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and manage administrative tasks efficiently.
  • Carbon-Neutral Certification: As the only carbon-neutral gardening franchise in the UK, you’ll receive certification that showcases your commitment to sustainability, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
Willow Alexander

Next Steps

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

Certified carbon-neutral home and garden service provider

In November 2022, Willow Alexander, a certified carbon-neutral home and garden service provider, unveiled its exciting new franchise opportunity in the United Kingdom. This innovative scheme aims to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a passion for sustainability and green practices across the country. Willow Alexander is looking for franchisees who are hardworking, professional, and eager to be part of a business that thinks differently.

As an independently owned pioneer in home and garden design and maintenance, Willow Alexander offers sustainable services to address various household needs. From gardening and home maintenance to window cleaning and even dog walking, the company delivers eco-friendly solutions delivered by experts.

With a clear mission to make home and garden services as clean and green as possible, Willow Alexander has a roadmap in place to obtain certification from an independent accreditation scheme. This certification will enable franchisees to transparently share their status and inspire confidence.

The flagship service, Willow Alexander Gardens, is the first franchise model to be launched nationwide. Franchisees will receive comprehensive business tools and roadmaps to run a successful certified carbon-neutral garden care business.

Willow Alexander Gardening

News & Updates


Willow Alexander Gardens: Embracing Sustainability for a Greener Future

Willow Alexander Gardens is proud to be at the forefront of sustainability efforts, demonstrating a deep commitment to creating a greener future. With a focus on preserving our planet, they have implemented various initiatives to promote sustainable practices. Willow Alexander Gardens places great emphasis on energy efficiency, utilising energy-saving appliances and LED lighting throughout its … Continued

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Find out more about the franchise model!

Willow Alexander started as a Garden design company with ambitious goals, which have propelled it to its current state. In early 2019, the company shifted its brand principles to align with its beliefs and became a leader in eco-friendly and low-emission garden care. Along its journey to certified carbon neutrality, Willow Alexander realized its potential to assist others in combating climate change and expanded its portfolio of trade services beyond the garden.

In late 2021, the company launched an online store to sell its own range of branded products alongside eco-friendly and sustainable favorites. This store has become a perfect complement to the company’s maintenance services, solidifying Willow Alexander as a leader in sustainable living.

Willow Alexander Franchisees

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