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Best Western Is an Acclaimed Hotel Chain

With over 4,000 hotels spread across the globe, Best Western is one of the world’s most famous brands.

Were you aware that each and every one of the company’s hotels is managed by an independent franchisee? If a new franchise opportunity opens up, don’t let it pass you by.

A Company That Prioritises Quality & Fair Pricing

While it’s true that Best Western hotels don’t all look the same, they do all have one thing in common: quality. All of the brand’s franchisees are determined to achieve the highest standards for their guests on a consistent basis. But this doesn’t mean they charge exorbitant sums. A guest can expect clear, honest and fair pricing, no matter where they stay.

Why a Best Western Franchise?

This is one of the best hotel franchise opportunities out there! Wondering what makes it special? Best Western’s tried and tested model will allow you to optimise your profits and retain a significant portion of the revenue. What’s more, you’ll be supported every step of the way by an experienced support team who will ensure you have everything you need to prosper. You’ll be able to take advantage of pre-established and fully functional brand-wide online booking channels, in addition to global marketing initiatives and the collective buying power of a large franchise network.

The name Best Western has become synonymous with quality. When customers are looking for a hotel to stay in, they see the trade name and immediately consider booking with one of the company’s establishments. It takes decades to achieve this level of recognisability, especially in such a crowded, competitive market. If you started your own hotel business from scratch, you’d inevitably struggle to find and take a sufficient number of business opportunities. As a Best Western franchise partner, you’ll never have to worry about this happening.

Required Skills & Experience

To be accepted as a Best Western franchise partner you must have previous experience in the hospitality industry. Moreover, you’ll need to be comfortable with managing large teams of employees and be able to handle the complexities of hotel management.

The Price of Becoming a Franchisee

A Best Western franchise costs £47,000 initially. While the total investment will come to a minimum of £420,000. The company will also ask you to pay a £225,000 reservation fee. If you’re looking to buy a hotel franchise, there aren’t many less expensive options.

Your franchise package will include training in all aspects of the operation as well as extensive marketing support and that’s far from all.

It’s undeniable that investing in hotel franchises such as this requires a significant amount of capital. But the rewards can be enormous.

Getting the Capital

Many major financial institutions are able to provide funding to prospective franchisees. But before you can get a loan, you’ll need to describe exactly how you’ll profit from this particular franchise opportunity. In order to do this, you must write a detailed business plan. This lengthy documentation must cover your strategy, financial forecast and so on.

Best Western Franchisees Receive Exceptional Support

Best Western will want you to succeed. Why? Because you can grow its reputation even further by providing your guests with the best possible standard of service. To ensure you can do this, the company will thoroughly train you. You’ll undergo a special owner orientation programme and be asked to attend regional workshops. You’ll be taught all about hotel management and learn exactly what will be required of you. The subjects that will be covered include, but won’t be limited to, marketing and sales, customer satisfaction and operational procedures.

Even after this training period concludes you’ll still have further learning opportunities. For instance, Best Western will give you access to its online educational portal, which contains a large knowledge base.

On top of this intensive training, you’ll also get ongoing marketing support. Did you know that Best Western’s national advertising campaigns are award-winning and proven to significantly raise brand awareness? You’ll be one of the main beneficiaries.

With this amount of training and marketing, your hotel franchise is almost certain to be a success.

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