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Blam Creates AI Websites & High-end Business Apps

Blam helps small enterprises get to the next level by developing custom-made AI websites as well as business applications.

The company has now created the Blam Partnership Programme which provides franchise opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. You could apply today. You’ll get all the tools you need to create your own digital marketing business and sell Blam’s websites and apps.

The Specifics of the Company’s Services

The brand’s SEO-optimised AI websites are both dynamic and responsive. Each of the sites enables users to enjoy a personalised experience. The content changes depending on factors such as time of day, a visitor’s location, the current season and so on. These adjustments are made automatically and don’t require manual input.

Blam’s business applications can have a large number of features. These encompass, but aren’t limited to, messaging centres, contact forms, food ordering systems and galleries. They can be made for a wide range of business types. These include restaurants, estate agencies, nurseries, car dealers and coffee shops, to name but a few. Each client can check the performance of their application at any time. For instance, they can see the number of times it’s been downloaded or viewed.

In addition to website and app development, Blam can also perform digital marketing for its clients. It promotes businesses on social media and prominent search engines in order to boost their popularity.

All customers pay a pre-agreed monthly fee for any website, app or digital marketing they ask the Blam team to provide.

Don’t Pass Up This Special Franchise Opportunity

Being part of the Blam franchise network doesn’t mean you’ll have to build websites or apps. That’s the responsibility of the team at the company’s head office. Your role will be to promote and sell Blam’s services. All you’ll need is a laptop and phone!

There will be no territory restrictions. You’ll be free to take business opportunities wherever you find them. Plus, you won’t need to work in an office. Your operation can be completely home based. Blam will allow you complete control with regard to how you sell its services. You’ll be provided with a standard cost list, but you’ll be the one to decide what prices you ask your customers to pay.

Don’t forget, there’s a good reason why IT and computers franchises like this are becoming so popular. Websites and applications can be expensive and business owners only want to pay companies they know can get the job done. It’s why so many independent start-ups in this industry fail. When you become a Blam partner, you’ll inherit the brand’s pre-made reputation – you’ll never have to deal with this obstacle.

Your Suitability for the Role

While you may be required to have extensive technical experience to take other computer franchise opportunities, this isn’t the case here. Blam’s head office team will create all of the websites and applications you sell. On top of this, you’ll be provided with comprehensive sales and product training.

Find Out How Much a Blam Franchise Costs

The Blam digital marketing partnership programme package has a low cost of £11,995 plus VAT. As part of this, you’ll receive an AI website and a business management system as well as training, sales tools and more.

You now also have the option of investing in the company’s Platinum partnership for £24,997 plus VAT. You’ll get everything included in the standard package in addition to further perks such as one-to-one training sessions and a fully-loaded CRM system.

Get Start-up Funding

Can’t afford to run your own computer franchise? You can get funding from a money lender. Blam is a prominent brand which has had years of success in the industry. It knows how to help you build a profitable business. This will give you an advantage when you speak to an investor.

Training & Support

Before you take over your computer franchise business, you’ll be given access to Blam’s enormous resource centre. You’ll also be thoroughly trained and given a direct line to the company’s franchisee support team.

Ready to Become a Blam Franchise Partner?

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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