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Eazi-Apps Produces Mobile Applications for Businesses

Business owners come to Eazi-Apps for help increasing their revenue streams, encouraging repeat business and generating more sales. Eazi-Apps accomplishes this by designing, building and then delivering custom-made mobile apps.

The company has achieved consistent success and is now able to help aspiring entrepreneurs establish their own application development enterprises. Learn more about these franchise opportunities below.

Learn Exactly What the Company Provides

Eazi-Apps is able to create applications for food ordering, mobile shopping carts, loyalty programmes and so on. These apps can be used to send push notifications to devices in order to generate additional sales as well as drive walk-in traffic. In fact, they can be activated within a designated virtual perimeter in a map – a notification will be sent out when a user enters a given location.

The customers that request these apps range from restaurant owners to schools. Each of these clients is able to analyse the performance of their particular app. This encompasses, but isn’t limited to, download statistics, money spent and bookings made.

What Does an Eazi-Apps Franchise Partner Do?

If you teamed up with the brand, you’d be required to advise business owners with regard to their mobile marketing plan. You’d then identify exactly what they require and build a mobile app for them using the company’s special drag and drop development platform. Although you could ask the team at Eazi-Apps’ head office to do this for you for a modest fee.

You won’t be limited to a specific territory. You’ll be free to take as many business opportunities as you like and you can even be home based!

Don’t forget, once you’ve invested in your computer franchise, you won’t need to pay another large fee. You’ll be able to decide how large you want your enterprise to be and how often you want to work. You’ll be your own boss.

You Don’t Need to Be a Coding Master

In most cases, to take computer franchise opportunities like this, you’d require strong technical skills. But Eazi-Apps’ has found a way around this. The brand has created an innovative Development Platform, which enables anyone with basic computer skills to create high-quality products. So, if you’re computer-literate, ambitious and self-disciplined, apply today.

What You’ll Pay & What You’ll Get Back

An Eazi-Apps franchise costs just £7,995 plus VAT. There are very few computer franchises for sale that are as low cost as this! You’ll get exceptional value for your money too – your package will include mentoring, marketing materials, a lead generation website and so much more.

What will you earn? You’ll get an upfront fee from every single one of your clients and you’ll keep the entirety of this money. What’s more, you’ll be able to charge each customer a monthly rate. You’ll retain the majority of this capital but you’ll need to send a percentage to Eazi-Apps. While the revenue generated by any further complementary products and services you provide will only go into your pocket.

Each app you sell has the potential to make you up to £2,900 per annum. There is no limit to what you can achieve.


If you need help raising capital you should be aware that many major banks can offer you financial support. IT and computer franchises like these are often low cost and extremely successful. This will give you a big advantage during your loan request meeting.

The Training & Support Provided

Your initial training will take place over two days. Following this, you’ll be mentored by a fellow Eazi-Apps franchise partner on a one-on-one basis throughout the early stages. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and ensure you stay on the right track.

To ensure your computer franchise business gets off to the best possible start, the company will provide you with a marketing launch pack. This will include printed business cards, brochures, promotional videos, presentations and that’s not all. On top of this, you’ll be given a dedicated lead generation website that will help you attract new customers. Nothing will be left to chance.

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