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eDivert Supports SMEs

eDivert offers expert office support to both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This encompasses everything from live-chat answering to database management.

As of today, the brand has a growing network of franchisees who all provide these popular services. Would you take one of the franchise opportunities eDivert is offering?

How the Company’s Specialist Services Work

eDivert can provide customer service on behalf of another organisation. For instance, a business owner could redirect phone calls to the team, which would make a note of any important information and then pass it on. In addition to this, eDivert’s professionals could also manage a given business’ website live-chat as well as its social media and emails. While the team can’t answer highly specific customer questions, they can provide basic non-technical answers and mention new deals or products as instructed.

Further to this, the brand can deliver high-quality marketing services. These involve the creation of tailor-made email campaigns for lead-generation purposes. Plus, social media promotional work and traditional telemarketing.

Finally, eDivert can also offer administration services such as bookkeeping, diary management, Customer Relationship Management support and database assistance.

What Are the Responsibilities of an eDivert Franchise Partner?

If you decided to partner with eDivert, you’d be required to provide customer service, marketing and administration support to SMEs. But you’d be extensively trained first!

You wouldn’t be restricted to a particular geographical area. There would be no limit to the number of business opportunities you could take. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be fighting other franchisees for work. In fact, you’ll have the option of teaming up with other partners, as needed. What’s more, you wouldn’t have to work in an office. You could be entirely home based, which would keep your monthly costs very low and allow you to become profitable that much faster.

While running your computer franchise, you’d be required to market your own services. However, you’d be provided with expert support and refined materials, which would help you do this.

Discover What’s Needed

There are many computer franchise opportunities out there. To take the majority of them, you’ll need a specific technical background. eDivert is different. While having experience in administration, customer service, sales or marketing will certainly be beneficial, it’s not absolutely essential. This is because the brand has the resources and knowledge required to get you fully up to speed. However, it’s vital that you’re determined, ambitious and willing to learn.

All Three Franchise Packages Revealed

An eDivert franchise costs between £5,400 and £12,500, depending on the exact package you choose.

The Essential package is a low cost option – it’s just £5,400. It includes online training, physical and digital marketing materials, weekly group motivational sessions, a listing on the brand’s main website and 100 unique contacts to get you started.

The Accelerator package is £9,500. It contains everything featured in the Essential package as well as an automated email marketing system, 900 further unique contacts, and business networking membership.

The Elite package is the most expensive at £12,500. It features all the benefits of both the Essential and Accelerator Packages in addition to another 1,000 unique contacts a years’ worth of one-to-one business mentoring and a website live-chat facility.

You’ll struggle to find other IT and computer franchises that provide just as much value for money!

Financial Aid

If you’re unable to raise the capital required to invest in an eDivert franchise by yourself, you should consider requesting a loan. But remember that you’ll be required to present your business plan. This must include a description of the franchise opportunity, your strategy and financial forecasts.

The Training & Support All Franchisees Receive

eDivert will give you access to its online training portal. You’ll be taught all the basics. This will include how to approach customers, market your services and more. Once you’ve completed all the modules on the portal, you’ll be ready to start your computer franchise business. But you’ll still be provided with more training opportunities through eDivert’s weekly webinars. And of course, you’ll always be able to rely on the head office team for guidance.

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