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LighterLife Changes Lives

Over the course of 30 years, LighterLife has helped over 400,000 customers achieve their individual weight goals and lead healthier lives. The company is offering franchise opportunities to all self-motivated entrepreneurs who are willing to become weight-loss mentors and make a real difference.

Fast Weight Loss Through Group Work

LighterLife’s Xpress Slimming Clubs enable individuals to collectively combat excess weight and learn the reasons behind their personal struggles. This emphasis on psychology makes the brand stand out in a crowded field.

The clubs meet on a weekly basis and are held by highly trained Xpress mentors. These professionals use special weight-loss intervention techniques in line with the latest medical guidelines to support and educate those that attend. Group members can choose from three different weight-loss plans – TotalFast, FlexiFasting and Management.

On top of the expert guidance they receive, those who attend the meetings are able to purchase LighterLife’s food packs. These contain vital vitamins and minerals and are also protein and fibre-rich. They’ve been specially designed to help Xpress slimming club members during the course of their weight-loss journey.

What Being a LighterLife Franchise Partner Involves

You’ll be trained to be an XPress mentor. You’ll host weekly slimming club meetings within your assigned area, supporting and guiding clients through every stage of the weight loss process. You’ll help them achieve their individual weight goals and boost their confidence at every turn. While you work, you’ll have the support of a team of obesity experts. This group encompasses research scientists, psychologists, medical nutritionists and counsellors.

It’s important to be aware that each meeting you hold will actually be free to attend. Your personal income will come from LighterLife’s food packs. You’ll be taught how to maximise the business opportunities in front of you while being a positive force in your member’s lives.

Don’t forget, you’ll be using a proven business model and be operating under the umbrella of a leading weight-loss brand. The investment itself is low cost and the hours you work will be completely flexible. You’ll be your own boss.

Learn if You Could Be a Mentor

Running diet franchises such as this requires sensitivity, communication and discipline. But you won’t need to have previous experience in the industry to apply. You’ll be fully trained to handle your duties as a weight-loss mentor.

How High Are the LighterLife Franchise Costs?

This franchise opportunity is decidedly low cost. You’ll need to make an approximate total investment of just £4,500. This will include a franchise fee of £1,000 plus VAT. But bear in mind that prices can vary.

As part of this deal, you’ll be given an exclusive territory, all the training you need and ongoing support. There will be no ongoing management fees.

Banks Regularly Assist Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Money lenders know that diet franchise opportunities often lead to profitability. So, if you need help raising the capital to start your own LighterLife franchise, don’t hesitat. Go to your local bank. Keep in mind that any potential investor will want to see a comprehensive business plan before they commit to funding your operation. This documentation must include a breakdown of the franchise opportunity itself as well as your operational strategy and a full financial forecast.

Franchisee Training & Support Explained

Before you take on the responsibilities associated with being an Xpress mentor and running your own diet franchise, you’ll undergo a training programme. You’ll learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, be provided with an operations manual and more. You’ll also get immediate access to LighterLife’s online training hub. This site is active at all times and you can move through the different subjects at the speed you choose. The franchise team will also arrange regular webinars and coaching sessions to ensure you remain up to speed on all the latest methodologies.

As you move forward and establish your membership base, you’ll be able to rely on support from the LighterLife head office. There are nutritionists, IT professionals, weight-loss researchers and that’s not all. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated business advisor who you’ll be able to contact at any time.

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