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AJS Express Is a Trusted Courier & Delivery Company

Founded in 2018, AJS Express has become known for its reliability as well as the excellent customer service it provides. Customers are able to choose from specialist services that range from medical transportation to event logistics.

Searching for franchise opportunities in this sector? Look no further than AJS Express.

Personalised Services Delivered at Speed

The AJS Express team can transport everything from small parcels to large pallets. But they can also offer more specialised services. For instance, NHS grade ramps allow for the secure transportation of heavy medical machinery. While appropriately sized storage boxes are perfect for moving portable medical devices as well as probes and cables. Soft blankets and straps ensure this delicate equipment is completely protected.

Moreover, the company can transport soil and oil samples, high-value cleaning tools, computer servers, vehicle parts, furniture and so on. These services can be booked and executed on the very same day, if possible.

Use the Brand’s Proven Business Model

Running an AJS Express Parcels franchise will enable you to exercise total control over your working life. The company will train you, provide you with a uniform, give you a list of approved suppliers who’ll offer you preferential rates and that’s not all.

You’ll set up in a geographically-defined territory and capitalise upon all the business opportunities located within. This area will be exclusive – no other AJS Express franchisee will be able to operate inside its boundaries.

As you’ll be working out of a van, there will be no need for you to invest in an office. You can be home based and keep your overheads low from month-to-month. As your shipping franchise grows, AJS Express will provide you with invaluable advice and support. The company’s pre-established trade name and reputation will make it far easier for you to build a customer base of your own.

Is AJS Express Right for You?

You don’t need to be a delivery or logistics expert to pursue this franchise opportunity. The company is simply looking for hardworking and ambitious business people with the drive and determination required to achieve the best possible standard of customer service. Of course, you must have a full drivers licence and be comfortable with the prospect of being behind the wheel throughout every working day.

The Financial Details

An AJS Express Parcels franchise costs £15,000. For this fee, you’ll get a renewable five-year deal to use the company’s branding, in addition to training, marketing support and so much more. Think you’ll be able to find another shipping franchise for sale that will give you as much value for your money?

Obtaining the Required Capital

If you meet certain criteria, AJS Express can help you secure funding that will cover the entirety of your initial investment – meaning you’d have to pay a grand total of £0 upfront. However, if you aren’t eligible for this, you can ask a third party for financing…

Concerned that your loan request won’t be approved? Don’t be. Mailing and shipping franchises like this succeed far more often than they don’t. Plus, you’ll be partnering with a prominent brand that can give you the guidance you need to avoid obstacles encountered by independent start-ups. The moneylender you approach will recognise this. But don’t forget that you must have a suitable credit score and an acceptable income level to qualify for this kind of support.

Franchisee Training & Support

Managing a shipping franchise business presents its own unique challenges. But AJS Express will provide you with the training and guidance you need to overcome them all. Not long after you’ve signed your agreement, you’ll undergo in-depth coaching. You’ll be told how to efficiently obtain and effectively retain clients as well as develop your enterprise. You’ll also receive a detailed operations manual which will contain everything you need to know.

On top of this, AJS Express will ensure your business is properly marketed. The company’s support team will help you develop a marketing plan appropriate for your specific location and also send you a package including branded business cards, leaflets, and pens. What’s more, you’ll be given a landing page on the brand’s main website.

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